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Nov 30, 2007 03:25 PM

best barista/capuccino/cafe in lower westchester, PLEASE!

we have lived here for 11 months and cannot find any of the above around here!!!! please suggestions! i'm close to going to barista school!!!!!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Have you tried "Slave to the grind" in Bronxville? I hear that it is one of the best independant coffee houses in Westchester.

      1. re: sausagekingofny

        I strongly add a 2nd vote for Slave to the Grind. I'm lucky enough to live in walking distance, there is just no comparing it to Starbucks!

        1. re: sausagekingofny

          I have lots of friends who have highly recommended Slave to the Grind but my experiences with their coffees have been terrible. I have ordered drip coffee 3 times and every time the coffee was red and tasted like water...once I even returned it, tried a different brew ( Sumatra dark roast)but with the same result. I have also tried their cappuccinos on 2 occasions and each time they tasted like burnt grinds. Since this place got so many great reviews from my friends I kept going there, convinced that I just had bad luck but I have definitely given up on Slave to the Grind coffee. I have no idea why people think this place has good coffee, its not even drinkable.

          1. re: eyelashsoup

            I've only been to Slave to the Grind once, and that was a while ago, but that one experience wasn't a very good one. I ordered an espresso, and it was really overextracted; extraction time was like 40 seconds (should be about half that).

            1. re: Scott_R

              I don't like Slave to the Grind either. Did not like the coffee, atmosphere and the clientele is mostly Sarah Lawrence students or groups of moms with small kids, but was loath to say so due to all the high praise they get here.

      2. Coffee lab in Tarrytown is my favorite. They even roast their own coffee right on the spot. When they first opened and started roasting, the coffee was good but not spectacular. I think Mike has mastered it down to an art form now and we LOVE the coffee there.

        they also have gigs and bands that play there on weekends which is quite cool.

        the treats, unfortunately, do not stack up to the fabulous coffee.

        They also let people bring in their dogs, which I think is cool, especially since I am a dog lover who has never owned a dog. It gives the place a nice European feel and makes it less stuffy and more comfortable! And fun!

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        1. re: RawTunaFan

          I think coffee lab has some of the best coffee in Westchester, love the dogs too!

          1. re: RawTunaFan

            RawTunaFan: sorry to stalk you in this thread but I was doing a search on rugelach + santa barbara and found your post about the same. Do you remember where in SB you found the rugelach? I've been looking everywhere. Any help would be much appreciated!

            1. re: RawTunaFan

              +1 on Coffee Labs. They've just gotten better and better over time and I love the little cafe. If you like a traditional 6oz capp, they do a very good one.

            2. The name is escaping me at the moment - it is next to Schakolad on Main Street in White Plains - It is in the corner of a set back (from the street) bunch of shops - You will enjoy a true Italian capuccino

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              1. re: MotherBucker

                Magnificent Edibles? Never mind, I just answered my own question, they only make iced coffee!

                1. re: chowdom

                  Magnificent Edibles is on Mamaroneck Ave. not Main Street isn't it? I think Mother is referring to somewhere else.

                  1. re: laylag

                    Yes you are correct, I wasn't paying attention, I think it was too early for me to be posting. Thanks for bringing the mistake to my attention.

                    1. re: chowdom

                      No problem. Would love to know what place motherbucker was referring to though. Mother?

                2. re: MotherBucker

                  I dont think that place is there anymore.

                  1. re: MotherBucker

                    Perhaps you are thinking of Sassinoro Cafe? A very cool place.

                  2. If you want an authentic cappucino or espresso you should try Cafe Latte on Cedar St in Dobbs Ferry. It's run by an older Italian man and it feels like you've traveled to Italy when you go there. He also carries excellent gelato and Italian cakes. Love that place.

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                    1. re: demifast

                      The espresso from Cafe Latte is unreal. It's the same brand used in Europe and he uses the exact same machines. The place is cool, but there outdoor seating is 100% of the time dominated by these old-timers who never leave :-p.

                      Does anyone know a good coffee shop in Westchester open till 11 on the week days??

                    2. I (unintentionally) hit two terrific coffee places this past weekend, both of which roast their own beans in-house! The first was Black Cow Coffee Company in Croton-on-Hudson ( ), the second, which was a rec I found on this board, was Coffee Labs in Tarrytown. We honestly loved the vibe at both places, as well as the coffee, but it was particularly great at Coffee Labs. Not sure how close either is to where you are, but I'd wholeheartedly recommend either/both. I wish I lived closer but will definitely go back when I'm up there again (I live in NNJ)!