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Nov 30, 2007 02:33 PM

Manassas Dinner Party Group

Dinner party group... Manassas area foodies please reply to get it started!

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  1. It's been a number of years since I lived in Manassas, but there were two I would recommend. Carmello's - Italian and Jake's? (seafood). both in old town section. Jakes was on Main St. Carmello's on Center St., I assume both are still there. No idea if their quality is what it used to be. Carmello's most likely will still be safe, it's been there at least 25 years, and was still going strong the last time I ate there maybe 9 years ago.

    Hopefully you find others who know the town better.

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      Is Panino's on Mathias still there? I always enjoyed my meals there.

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        Panino's is still there. Had dinner there last month. The food was excellent but I have to say I was quite put off by the hostess. We went on the spur of the moment, so we didn't have a reservation and it was a Saturday, but it was early--6:30, and the restaurant was fairly empty, so we figured we'd see if they could seat us. The hostess acted as if this was a horrible offense! She hemmed and hawed, looked over her reservation list and hemmed and hawed some more. I think she was hoping we would opt out, but we hung in waiting for a definitive "sorry, we can't seat you" or "sure, right this way." After more hemming and hawing, she finally, grudgingly, seated us. I noted with great amusement that for the entire time we were there, there were plenty of open tables, so she certainly wasn't seating us at the expense of a reservation.

        I found this so oft-putting and rather mystifying. In the competitive dining arena I would think any restaurant would want to encourage walk-ins when the reservation list is not full. I don't expect to go at 8:00 pm on Saturday and get seated (though they still had lots of tables available). I suspect this and other restaurants lose out on those of us who are "out and about" and get the inspiration for a good meal but haven't planned ahead for a reservation. We spent over $250 and left a 20% tip. With such a chilly reception I'll be taking my business to a restuarant that warmly welcomes me and makes an effort to accomodate me.

    2. Understand there's an OK Thai place.

      Here's a list - it includes the awful with the good, but should provide some ideas:

      Here are some other resources:

      1. Go to Foundation. It is the only foodie spot in Manassas worth its salt. We liked it so much, we got married there. :)

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          Jake's is no longer. Can't think of the name of the replacing restaurant, but will post tomorrow as I pass by there on the way to work.

          IMO, Manassas does not have a large offering, but agree with either Carmello's or Paninos for Italian and Siam Classic on East Street (in Old Towne) for Thai. There is another Thai in Old Towne, but I refuse to eat there on principle as I stopped by one day to pick up a "to go" order and the bar was nasty as it was stacked up with all of the bused dirty plates from lunch and this was at 2:00 in the afternoon.....just seemed dirty to me at the time.

          Have not eaten at Foundation, but have heard nice things. Costco even has gift cards for Okra's/Foundation....... $100 gift card for $80.

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            ANYONE OUT THERE...I am doing a mural of the old Jakes on one of the walls of the new Jakes in Rehoboth....hard to believe but they only own one painting of the old place and it's quite just looks like a house! Does anyone know of photos of the old jakes? In a book? Hanging on the wall of another restaurant or building? Is this new restaurant (mackeys) the same building? I am in Delaware researching this and would love any help if it is out there.THANKS

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            Interesting web site. Spent some time fishing about but could not find its address. Must be an exclusive place.

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              You can find the address of Foundation -- 9112 Center Street -- if you click on "Contact Us". I keep hearing good things about the place but haven't been yet. I think the web site needs work, though.

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                Doh! I thought I looked there. Thanks.

          3. You need to try the new Tandoori Village where Chez Marc used to be. Great Punjab food, rivaling some of the best in downtown Washington.

            1. Foundation's website is, or there is a link on Okra's site. Jake's is now called Mackey's Pub, and that's exactly what it is. Don't expect much, and you won't be disappointed. Fine for a sandwich/fries/beer. Place still smells like a wet basement for some reason. The old pizzeria, King's Bite, is now a very quaint little Italian restaurant called Piccolini. Good food, ok service, very reasonably priced, surprising specials. Worth checking out. Beer and wine only so far.