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Nov 30, 2007 01:16 PM

where can I buy a dry aged t-bone steak in Queens?


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  1. Try Ottomanelli's in Woodside.....

    1. In Bayside try..Peter's Market on Francis Lewis Blvd @ 32nd Avenue and/or Robert's Prime Meats on 35th Avenue at around 205th Street (near the Clearview Expwy overpass)...also D'Alessandro's in Flushing at Utopia Parkway and Rocky Hill Road intersection. In College Point EMPIRE MEATS on College Point Blvd near 14th Avenue..also in Bayside is Bell's Prime Cut on Bell Blvd. near 41st Avenue across the
      STREET FROM Bourbon Street Restaurant.

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        Great, thanks. I've been going to Empire Meats for a while, never thought of asking about steak, as I am too overwhelmed by their hotdogs and smoked pork chops. Fabulous, great place.

      2. You can also pick one up at Christos' Steakhouse in Astoria. They have a case as you walk in, and you are able to purchase the meat and take it home to prepare. their meat is quite good, and they age it themselves.

        1. The original comment has been removed