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Nov 30, 2007 01:15 PM

Does any one know about the Rolling's a food truck or restaurant in Queens?


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  1. Do you mean Roll 'n' Roaster, one of South Brooklyn's venerable Roast Beef establishments?

    A couple of years back they made a foray into Manhattan with a branch on Third Ave near Webster Hall, I assume with appeal to visiting Brooklynites., It didn't last that long.
    Based in Sheepshead Bay, its analogs woud Be Brennan and Carr, maybe John's deli and Clemente's.. not really in the same league as those. closer to Arby's..Which in my book isn't really an insult.

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      They also tried to open a couple of Roll and Roaster's in various locations in Staten Island, one by the mall and on on Hylan Blvd. Both didn't last.

      I personally always liked Roll and Roaster sandwiches better than Brennan and Carr, but was always more partial to Brennan and Carr's fries.

    2. Roll 'n' Roaster is on Emmons Ave in Brooklyn Sheapshead Bay area Awesome food. Perfect 10 .