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Nov 30, 2007 01:11 PM

Greatest Deals in the Bay Area?

In general... not limited to any particular type of food. A few recent ones:

> $2.25 Banh Mi at BC Deli in Downtown Oakland (I really can't understand how they make money!)

> 5 "Natural" (Vegetarian fed, no hormone etc.,) chicken drumsticks for $1.57 at Trader Joe's (made for a great Chicken Chicharron Guiso).... Bless all the people who drive up the price of Breasts... and make drumsticks so cheap!

> The Afghan stand at the Emeryville Public Markets's $8.99... for a perfectly trimmed & tender Lamb Shank with two vegetable dishes + rice + salad.

What are your unbelievable deals?

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  1. The shrimp dumpling noodle soup (can't remember the Chinese name) at Ying Kee Restaurant in Oakland Chinatown. About $5.95 for a huge bowl with about 12 or 15 plump shrimp dumplings, fresh egg noodles, thinly slice chicken garnish and a savory broth.

    1. Pozole (weekend special) at Otaez in Alameda. A "small" bowl is quite generous, and comes with two bean taquitos, fresh-made tortillas and a basket of chips and salsa for $4.95.

      1. What with Chinese lunch specials and walkaway dim sum, taquerias and taco trucks, and banh mi, you could complie an almost endless list.

        I'd include the Chocovic Ocumare and Guaranda chocolate bars at TJ's. An 80g bar of pure Venezuelan criollo or Ecuadoran arriba chocolate for $1.99

        1. Costco hot dog and soda.

          More distinct local fare : Chef Lau's in Oakland Chinatown. Their full dish special is pretty hard to beat at $4.99 (eat in only). The stuff is fresh, cooked to order and most importantly good. For $15 bucks you can feed 4 people and the house soup is served.

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            Oh, yeah. Shanghai Restaurant in Oakland Chinatown has a 3-for-$15 (plus rice) menu that's pretty darn good.

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              Just what I was going to say. And their pork joint may look pricey at $9, but it is HUGE. Easily the size of two normal dishes, and tasty too.

              I'd also add the massive 95 cent pork and veggie buns at Shan Dong on 10th. Two would make an ample lunch for anyone.

              I think VH Noodle at the Pacific East Mall in Richmond also offers good value for money. Large and tasty bowls of noodle soup and rice plates in the $5-6 range. Not the lowest price possible, but excellent given the quality of the food.

              If feeding kids, Kang Nam Pho on Telegraph offers HEFTY children's portions of beef or chicken pho at $2.95.

              1. re: lexdevil

                The red-cooked pork joint is usually twice that price at other places, and although Shanghai's isn't the very best I've ever had, I'd give it a solid B. BTW, I got it to go once, and they packed it in one of those big aluminum trays. I grazed off it for several days, and like most braised dishes, it just got better and better.

            2. re: ML8000

              yes... chef lau is a pretty good deal -- lots of choices

            3. Sounds like Oaktown has the only "real deals" in the Bay Area:) Nope. Come on up to Petaluma for the all you can eat buffet lunch at Namaste (Redwood Hwy and North McDowell next to Jerome's Barbecue in the OSH strip mall). A choice of four entrees, rice, naan, fresh salad, fruit, dessert for 8.95. They also have a great chai tea and Mango lassi.