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Nov 30, 2007 12:58 PM

jasper hot spots

i will be in jasper this june and would like to here about some great places to eat. fancy to hole in the wall. thanks

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  1. redroses:

    Tried to post earlier but it appears to have disappeared into "cyberspace".

    Jasper is a wonderful spot. June should be lovely but the prices will be high but you no doubt already know that if you have made your plans this far in advance. Are you staying at the JPL?

    Dining in Jasper is different. It is not Banff. That can be good and bad depending upon one's persuasion.

    Given prices, residential restrictions on occupancy etc. I cannot think of any "hole-in-the-walls" that one might find in most cities.

    My personal favourite in the town itself is Fiddle River on Connaught overlooking the rail yards. Good seafood. Nice find since even here in Edmonton I cannot think of a good seafood restaurant never mind in the middle of a National Park.

    I think locals would recommend Andy's Bistro on Patricia. Our experiences have been "mixed" .. ok, but not outstanding.

    There is a good wine store immediately adjacent to Andy's that we frequent. There are several in that area of the townsite but this is the one we frequent more often than not.

    Out of town I have not tried the restaurants at Becker's Bungalows, teh Tekarra Lodge or Pyramid Lake. Being a resort who knows what of the kitchen staff are still there from day to day. Pyramid Lake is worth the short drive to go for a picnic on the island in the lake during the day even if you do not stay there.

    I think you will find a decidedly "Greek flavour" to Jasper. Whether it be Papa George's, the venerable L. & W., Villa Caruso, Karouzo's, the Prime Rib Village, etc. etc. most of the spots originated with people of Greed problem for me since I lvoe dolmathes, keftedes, feta cheese and the like but it can be a tad tiring.

    I remember ordering my grilled lamb chops rare at the L. & W. and the waitress returned to say, "chef says Greeks do not eat their lamb rare" to which I replied, " I am not Greek". The chops as it turned out were pink and delicious.

    During overnite stays in Jasper we have just ordered pizza and salads and have taken them back to our rooms. We like Lu-Lu's or something to that effect tucked back inside a strip mall on Jasper across from the Court House run by some Quebecois. Not a fan of the bigger Jasper Pizza on Connaught.

    I have not tried either but have read positive things about La Fiesta just past the Athabaska Hotel and Black Bear Bistro [?] for burgers and the like on the other side of the street.

    Have never tried any of the Asian, Chinese, Japanese nor Korean options so cannot comment on them.

    Out at the JPL, their Edith Cavel room is a beautiful spot overlooking Lac Beauvert and the mountain peaks inlcuding its namesake in the distance. Very good wine list with unfortunately resort prices to match. We head out there in May for our anniversary but have not eaten in the dining room for a number of years deciding rather to spend our time in the room enjoying the view with our dogs and room service.

    Enjoy your trip. If time permits do as much of the Icefields Parkway that you can as it is a beautiful drive ranking up there with Cape Breton's Cabot Trail,

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      I probably spend about 10 nights a year in Jasper, and La Fiesta is by far my favourite restaurant there. I was disappointed a couple years ago when they switched their focus from tapas, but it is still great. Maybe one of the best steaks I've had.
      Evil Dave's at the other end of Patricia is worth trying too. Andy's would maybe be third choice.

      For some reason, though the food isn't great, we always end up at Something Else on Patricia. Another of those Greek inspired places, with good souvlaki and really good lasagna.

      I've eaten at the JPL a lot, usually when there on business, and it is good but pricey. Friends tell me the sushi bar there is very good.

      Though I stay at Beckers most trips, I've never tried the restaurant for dinner. Based on what they do at breakfast, which is a mediocre buffet, I've never been inspired to pay what they charge at dinner.

      For good cheap breakfast, the Hot Rock on Connaught is the place.

      For good beer, the Jasper Brewery (or something like that) is worth trying for the local brews, but avoid the food. Really bad!

      1. re: Dan G

        Dan G.:

        LOL..forgot about the brew are right, the one time we went the beer was pretty good but whatever we ate was poor...deep fried this and that....

        What food is served at Evil Dave's? Former chef from Tekarra isn't he?

      2. re: Bob Mac

        yup im staying at the lodge for a conference.
        thanks for all the great suggestions!

      3. Third vote for Evil Dave' of our go-to places in Jasper. Dave Husereau of the Tekarra is indeed the owner/chef at Evil Dave's. Food is basically mainstream (steak, salmon, chicken, etc.) but well executed and with some nice touches. Warm, casual atmosphere that manages to be both lively and relaxing at the same time. For brunch we default to Soft Rock Cafe, on the street across from the train station. Again, nothing surprising here, but a very hearty omelette-style breakfast before hiking is always appreciated. The interesting thing is that they turn into a Thai restaurant at night, although we haven't tried that menu yet. La Fiesta is also good, although I think Andy's is relying on their reputation just a little bit. They were good, but slightly overpriced, and hardly worth the efforts we went through to get a reservation for 4 people (they were already booked when we called 3 or 4 weekends in advance).

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        1. re: egon61

          Soft Rock...that's it. I got the name wrong in my earlier post. For me, this is the real Jasper. No service (you order, then pick it up yourself) but great omeletes, good coffee, and just a cool mountain town atmosphere. No pretensions about what it is, just a good breakfast.

        2. Oka sushi in Jasper Park Lodge (not part of the Lodge, he only rents space there) is the "Do Not Miss" spot in Jasper, one of the best sushi bars in North America. If you don't believe me, do a Google search.

          Avoid all other overpriced lodge and resort dining, no kidding.

          Andy's-Average and extremely overrated.

          Fiddle River-Fish dishes can be genius, but they are inconsistent.

          La Fiesta-Good tapas and Mexican food at fair prices, can't believe they don't make their own salsa though.

          Papa Georges-Awesome and generous breakfasts

          Bear Claw Bakery-A must for morning coffee and superb baked goods.

          D'ed Dog Pub-Very tasty burgers and HOT wings (no kidding).

          Something Else-Best Greek in town, good prices, everything homemade, friendly and family run, my favourite pizza in town and good baked pastas too. This was my "Go To Joint".

          The other Greek, Chinese, Japanese and Korean restaurants in town are just OK nothing that is going to change your life or even leave an impression.

          Jasper Brewing Company-Gross, avoid at all costs.

          From a former Jasper resident.