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Nov 30, 2007 12:55 PM

DC hound needs Greek or Italian Recs

Coming up to NY in a few weeks and need some good recs for Greek or Italian in the West Village, Chelsea, Midtown area. Price is not a huge issue, but I'd rather not get too crazy. Just good wine, great food, and a comfortable atmosphere.


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  1. Since we just had another wonderful meal at L'Impero, I highly recommend it. The contemporary Italian cuisine is superb, there's an excellent wine list, service is friendly and capable, and the atmospherics are very comfortable. There are 3 menu options: a la carte, a 4-course prix-fixe, and a 7-course tasting dinner.

    1. Pylos ( is supposed to be great, but is, alas, in the East Village -- so maybe too far away.

      Or try Periyali ( -- W. 20th.

      1. Snack Taverna for Greek
        Lots of good Italians in the W Vill area--Crispo, Babbo, Lupa, Po, Otto, 'ino. In Chelsea, I like the enoteca room at Del Posto (haven't tried the main dining room).

        1. In the West Village, the best Greek is Snack Taverna on Bedford...excellent upscale foodie Greek with a nice vibe and good greek wine. Pylos on the east side is a favorite...a bit more traditional. Snack's lunch place on Thompson is a perfect soho lunch. Greek in Midtown (Molyvos, Milos, etc) is great, but more formal and pricey. Periyali is an old standby but sadly perhaps past its prime.