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BYOB restaurants

Hey I work for a company that deals with wine importation/distribution. We are training new sales reps and have an orientation for them on Tuesday of next week. We would like to be able to take them to lunch after the orientation and have them taste our wines while eating.

What restaurants in Austin are BYOB? Would prefer to know mainly more north-ish Austin places but any and all suggestions would be welcome.


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  1. Two I know of are Maru on Burnet and Madam Maam's (campus and south by Central Market)

    1. I saw some people apparently in the wine business opening, sharing, and tasting several bottles of wine they had brought in to Chez Nous, downtown; don't know if they got special permission, since Chez Nous serves its own wine, or not.

      1. in general most places will let you bring in your own wine, with the caveat that they don't carry or have that same wine on their list. if you are planning on bringing a number of bottles i would call first, where ever you happen to go.

        1. Ming's Cafe on the strip has no liquor license last I heard and allow byob.

          1. I think most any restaurant will allow you to bring in your own bottle or even bottles, but they do charge a "corking fee." $5-20 per, I think.

            1. Just a note - any restaurant that also serves liquor by law cannot allow BYOB.

              If a restaurant does not have a full bar, then it is up to their discretion to allow guests to bring their own wine. Common courtesy is to never bring a bottle they have on their list, to leave some type of tip for your wine on top of the corkage fee, and to offer a small taste to the waiter or wine director if you want.

              1. Last time I was at Tokyo Steakhouse in Oak Hill, it was BYOB

                1. 1st chinese bbq in the new chinatown center does not have a license. They told me that you can bring your own in, but good to check first.

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                    I can't believe that no one has mentioned Mirabelle or Castle Hill. Those would have to be the #1 and #2 BYOB restaurants in Austin. And they both have an excellent and reasonable wine list as well.

                  2. For a special night, Wink permitted me to bring a bottle of Silver Oak Napa 2000 and didn't even charge a corking fee. I wouldn't do this every night, but when explaining to them that this was for something special, they allowed and even encouraged. Say what you will about Wink, they really go out of their way to enhance a special night if you tell them when booking.

                    Compare to Vespaio, which refused completely to allow either an outside cake or bottle of wine, regardless of fee.

                    1. Zorba's in Round Rock lets you bring your own wine and while some disagree on this board I have always enjoyed their food.