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Nov 30, 2007 12:21 PM

Rum extract vs. real rum

I have been seeing a lot of recipes this holiday season that use rum extract. Would it work to use real rum instead? Can you use real alcohol in your baking or does the flavor "bake out"? I'd also like to invent a recipe for eggnog brittle. What alcohol or extract could I put in it?

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  1. I found that which talks about replacement. You can use real alcohol in baking but the thing with substituting is that you may add too much liquid to your baked item and cause it to be too wet which would change the texture. I've never found a use for rum extract as having just a plain bottle of rum (light and dark) is a lot more useful.

    1. The rum extract is more concentrated, so that you use less for the same amount of flavor. The alcohol content can be significant, as it has been demonstrated that the universally accepted belief that "the alcohol burns off in cooking" is mostly hooey, and therefore using a big dash of rum instead of a teaspoon of rum extract could be a bad idea if there's a recovering alkie in the crowd. That's why I keep a bottle of each in my kitchen, one for the food and one for the cook ;-)