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Nov 30, 2007 12:20 PM

Road Trip DC-Santa Fe (passing through Little Rock)

OK, so I'm doing the Xmas road trip from DC to Little Rock, Ark., and from there on to Santa Fe, N.M. -- then doing the same thing backwards 2 weeks later. Having lived in LR, I know I'm going to pay a visit to Sim's, the best bbq in the world. And Santa Fe is known territory. But since we're taking it easy, we'll be stopping one night in east Tennessee and one night somewhere between LR and SF -- I was thinking Amarillo for this one.

But I'm open to suggestions for don't miss eating opportunities, and I'd definitely choose a stay-over location on the basis of the dinner/breakfast eats available.



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  1. It would be a bit of a detour time-wise, but I'd recommend leaving I-40 at Ft. Smith and enjoying a backroads drive to Hot Springs and head for McClard's BBQ. LR is maybe another hour or so once you are back underway.

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      12 Bones out of Asheville recently opened a second location in Kingsport, TN. I have not been, but looks promising. There was a recent thread about this spot on this board.