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Nov 30, 2007 12:18 PM

best bread for sandwiches

i have been trying to find a really good whole wheat bread in los angeles. I used to love the poppyseed whole wheat bread at Trader Joes but they discontinued it.
What would your recommendation be in town for a really good whole wheat bread, or multigrain bread that is good for making sandwiches? Which store/ bakery and which bread/ I will want it to be already sliced.

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  1. I like the La Brea Bakery whole wheat/whole grain, whatever it's called from Costco because they finish bake it in the store and it is always fresh and often warm from the oven. $3.99/2loaves!

    1. Commercially, I love Sara Lee Honey Wheat.

      Restaurant: Polly's Pie's Cracked Wheat. Thick and delicious.

      Polly's Bakery Cafe
      4680 E Los Coyotes Diagonal, Long Beach, CA 90815

      1. I like the Trader Joe's 8 + 2 Grain bread for sandwiches. Earthy with some texture and whole wheat flavor, but fairly light -- good plain, toasted, or grilled. Less than $2 for a 24-oz loaf.

        1. i like the whole wheat/multigrain breads that Rockenwagner (aka 3 Square Bakery) bakes, as well as the loaves at BreadBar.

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            Have you tried Homeboy Bakery near Chinatown in Los Angeles? I was at a party that had some of their breads and they were fabulous.

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              Agree with the Breadbar bread. They have some very tasty and rustic types of loaves

            2. Much against my usual preferences, I really like the TJ's flourless sprouted wheat bread for sandwiches. Never thought I would (except for things like PB&J), being so fond of both sourdough and rye, but when we were doing some serious refined-carbs cutting we bought nothing but the sprouted wheat, and I found I really like it for both toast and just about any kind of sandwich. Makes great grilled ham & cheese. Less than $3/loaf, too.