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best bread for sandwiches

i have been trying to find a really good whole wheat bread in los angeles. I used to love the poppyseed whole wheat bread at Trader Joes but they discontinued it.
What would your recommendation be in town for a really good whole wheat bread, or multigrain bread that is good for making sandwiches? Which store/ bakery and which bread/ I will want it to be already sliced.

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  1. I like the La Brea Bakery whole wheat/whole grain, whatever it's called from Costco because they finish bake it in the store and it is always fresh and often warm from the oven. $3.99/2loaves!

    1. Commercially, I love Sara Lee Honey Wheat.

      Restaurant: Polly's Pie's Cracked Wheat. Thick and delicious.

      Polly's Bakery Cafe
      4680 E Los Coyotes Diagonal, Long Beach, CA 90815

      1. I like the Trader Joe's 8 + 2 Grain bread for sandwiches. Earthy with some texture and whole wheat flavor, but fairly light -- good plain, toasted, or grilled. Less than $2 for a 24-oz loaf.

        1. i like the whole wheat/multigrain breads that Rockenwagner (aka 3 Square Bakery) bakes, as well as the loaves at BreadBar.

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            Have you tried Homeboy Bakery near Chinatown in Los Angeles? I was at a party that had some of their breads and they were fabulous.

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              Agree with the Breadbar bread. They have some very tasty and rustic types of loaves

            2. Much against my usual preferences, I really like the TJ's flourless sprouted wheat bread for sandwiches. Never thought I would (except for things like PB&J), being so fond of both sourdough and rye, but when we were doing some serious refined-carbs cutting we bought nothing but the sprouted wheat, and I found I really like it for both toast and just about any kind of sandwich. Makes great grilled ham & cheese. Less than $3/loaf, too.

              1. The best I've found so far is Le Pain Quotidien. By far the best bread I've found, especially for whole wheat or other healthy loaves like their spelt bread. They use a natural leavener that makes the bread have an amazing, earthy sweetness. And even Jeffrey Steingarten says they have some amazing croissants. There's one in Sherman Oaks on Ventura.

                1. Milton's bread (avail in grocery stores) is great. It was originally only sold at Milton's bakery in San Diego, then they got distribution at Costco, and now it's mainstream. But the quality is still great. Any of the varieties, but I like the original wheat.

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                    Trader Joe's carries Milton's bread.

                  2. Ugh, I was just trying to get some of that yesterday and was told that they weren't able to get it from their supplier which means they could or could not get it back. I was so bummed, that bread was delicious.

                    1. How about going to Ginza-ya. They can slice it right there for you. Also Yamazaki in the Little Tokyo Plaza.

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                        Well, Japanese-style bread is a whole 'nother animal. Much like Wonder Bread other than the shape. Do they slice it inch-thick at Ginza- ya the way they do in Japan?

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                          They can is you'd like. I love it thick. I know they have wheat bread, it's not as good as the white, but it's still good.

                      2. Le Pain Quotidien is fab but, expensive and always a special trip. (Unless you live really close). I found a couple of really nifty loaves at Whole Foods. They carry several different types of seeded/cracked wheat breads. Should you go to Le Pain, you can ask for 1/2 loaves. That's what I did so I could try a couple different types - a dark seeded and a 1/2 loaf of walnut :) kq

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                          I stopped buying bread at WF when I found them stocking the shelves with frozen bread. At least some of it is delivered to the stores frozen and is, at least for me, NOT fresh!

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                            So sorry - I've NEVER had a problem and I've been to many different ones in L.A. Was just at the new one on Arroyo in Pasadena. Wow! Too much fun! Want to spent 10$ sometime and sit at the Wine and Tapas bar. :)

                        2. Have to mention the Archer Farms breads at Target. No HFCS! Many varieties, great price and great taste, oh and I can't believe how long it stays fresh tasting. There are other reviews on it on this site.

                          1. I love Panera breads (muliple locations), especially the sunflower seed bread. They can definitely slice it for you, but I prefer to not have it sliced because it keeps fresh longer that way.