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Nov 30, 2007 11:54 AM

Powerhouse Chicago

Has anyone tried the new Powerhouse restaurant yet? Thoughts?

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  1. YES! I'm so glad you asked. I was going to write a review. My husband and I and 2 friends went yesterday and it was GREAT! The owner, Mitchell, really took care of us. We ordered (off the lunch menu) the bbq pork shoulder sandwich, po boy sandwich and a rib eye sandwich and started it all off with the beet salad. BUT! Mitchell overdelivered by starting us out with THREE comp apps - a crispy fried chicken, scallops and butternut squash soup. And if that wasn't enough, he ended the meal by sending out FOUR comp desserts. Throughout the meal, we got refills of Fiji water. The bloody marys we had were great and we recommended a great Danish beer - which is now my favorite. Granted, it was a slow morning/afternoon and the weather was crap, so not many people were out, so I don't think that the comp apps and desserts were the norm, but it definitely will bring us back!

    1. After a couple of visits I have two thoughts. 1) It's good. Very good. 2) It's expensive. Very expensive. And so the question will come down to value and cachet. If it becomes popular enough, the value question will be overlooked. There are certainly enough people in Chicago with incomes sufficient to afford the Powerhouse, but these are often the same people who put a high value on value. It will be an interesting thing to watch as it plays out.