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Indian food cooks with a true tandoori oven- Stamford Ct

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Are there any? And do they really use saffron or it is the old trick of using carrots instead? What do you recommend to eat?

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  1. In Stamford a placed called Bonani has a real tandoor oven, but it closed without a word years ago. I thought the trick was using Turmeric as a cheap version of saffron for coloring rice yellow.

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      I passed a Bonani in Fairfield last night, grabbed a takeout menu but didn't eat. my chow-dar says it's terrific. Menu pretty northern, I think they're Punjabi, but there are some rare dishes, including a very rare Parsi dish: chicken dhansak. Also don't often see chicken patiala (in hot tomato paste) on menus...that's Punjabi...

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        Jim, is this the place? http://www.fairfieldbonani.com/

        Also, on google maps, it looks like there's a "Bonani Take Out India Kitchen" in New Canaan. I wonder if it's related?

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          Sorry, I should have included contact info. Yeah, that's it:
          Bonani indian kitchen 2090 black rock tpk 334-2104 fairfieldbonani.com

          I should also note that it's real real barebones....like a deli.

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            Hey, Alpha Hound -- good to hear from you! Slways trust your chow-dar.