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Where to get REAL Hot Chocolate Fairfield County

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or Westchester? Someplace where you can sit and relax over some real stuff? And real whipped cream would be great also?

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  1. Afraid I sound like a broken record about the place but I'm pretty sure that Kneaded Bread in Port Chester has real hot chocolate in the cooler months - like now. I believe I saw a sign for it Thanksgiving morning. It's more a straight up bakery than a cafe but there are a few tables and you can relax with your hot chocolate and some of their delicious baked goods to go with it too.

    Also, if you want to try champurrado - the Mexican version of hot chocolate - you can get some at Paleteria Fernandez down the street.

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      Hands down - Chocopologie in South Norwalk - you wont' be disappointed.

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        I just had some great hot chocolate at the kneaded bread. Definitely a good place to go.

        And I wholeheartedly agree with the champurrado at paleteria fernandez. It's practically a meal unto itself.

        Didn't there used to be a chocolate place on Greenwich Avenue? Moon something cafe? It was a chocolate place, I think... but never went so no idea if it is still around. Perhaps someone can offer some additional insight.

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          where is kneaded bread?

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            It's in Port Chester, on Main St. Right near Burger, Shakes and Fries, down the street from Q (which I think has the same owners).

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              yeah, port chester, and yes, same owners as Q.

              If you haven't gone, you should definitely give it a try. Between this in Port Chester, and SoNo bakery in Norwalk, quite a good selection of tremendous breads for the burbs...

              Here's the address:

              Kneaded Bread
              181 N Main St, Port Chester, NY 10573

      3. Margot's in Stamford just started serving excellent hot chocolate ... and they have great pastries & cookies also ...

        1. Last winter Schakolad on Bedford Street in Stamford was selling the most devastating version of hot chocolate I have ever tasted. Kind of like a hot melted chocolate bar, and it was actually a little too much for my daughter (but not for me!). I don't recall there being any seating there, though. (And in trying to figure out how to spell the name, I managed to learn this is a franchise. A chocolate franchise. Now doesn't that sound like just the ticket for the corporate refugee?)

          1. Coco in Larchmont. They have several different sizes which is nice if you want a little splurge!;-)