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Nov 30, 2007 11:18 AM

Thinking of going to Bayona

Can anyone tell me what it's like? Good food? Value etc?


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  1. We had my wedding dinner there years ago, and I've been back every time I go to New Orleans (several times per year). The last time I was there was about three months ago. We also went to Stella! and August, but Bayona was the best (and the least expensive if I remember correctly) of the bunch. Definitely try the grilled shrimp on black bean cake appetizer!

    1. Susan Spicer has a new cookbook which can give you an idea of the food she serves.

      1. Though some will disagree, IMO bland, boring food.

        1. I had a $20 lunch at Bayona last Saturday. The food was good, the service was excellent, we sat outside, and the whole thing was very civilized. We each got to choose three "small plates" for that price. It was a perfect amount of food & variety for me for lunch.

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            Is the $20 lunch a special Bayona runs? Do you need reservations for lunch?