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Nov 30, 2007 11:04 AM

East Danforth Ethiopian Recs?

A friend and I are going out for dinner tonight - and we want Ethiopian. Any recommendations in the Greenwood Danforth area - Rendezvous, Wazema, Blue Nile or Dukem? Anybody have a favourite?

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  1. Dukem. Lots of good reviews on this board and has never let me down.

    1. Another vote for Dukem. Nice place with really good nosh.

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        Should have listened to you both..went to Rendezvous, it was okay but everything was served cold.

      2. there's this place with a blue sign i believe. maybe orangish pink walls on the inside. i didn't catch the name... id on't know if it had a name. it was good though for sure. two people were fed for $8. that's unheard of. cheap but good. spicy too.