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Nov 30, 2007 10:55 AM

Really good Marzipan?

I am on the hunt for some high quality Marzipan (the fruits, figurines, etc) that you get in Italian bakeries, etc. I used to live in New York City and this kind of thing was available all the time, but I'm at a loss as to where to get it in DC. I've looked in the archives and all references to marzipan were to cake decorations, etc. Also, I've asked around and had Cafe Mozart, Dean & Deluca, Marvelous Market and other high end groceries recommended to me, but I wonder if there's a little Italian bakery out there that I'm missing in/around DC that makes it? Please, Chowhounds, help me! I would love to get some really good marzipan for my sister as a gift (she's visiting me from out of town), as well as some for myself (I love the stuff)--any thoughts?

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  1. I believe Vacarro's has them ( They have multiple locations in DC and Baltimore. The two in DC are little stands--one in the food court at Union Station and the other in Foggy Bottom at the shops at 2000 Penn. Not sure of their hours, but they have these amazing almond marzipan cookies with pinenuts or slivered almonds on top. I believe they have regular marzipan shapes as well.
    Another option is Heidelburg Bakery in Arlington. They make a phenomenal cake with marzipan icing, although I've only had this as a custom order (not sure if it's a stock item).

    Heidelberg Pastry Shop
    2150 N Culpeper St, Arlington, VA

    1. Two Italian places I don't know if they have it, but you could call A. Litteri's in NE DC and The Italian Market in Arlington- I know the Italian Market has lots of baked goods, and other goods. I haven't been to A. Litteri, but I know they have lots of good things in the store so they might. I don't know if they mail order, but there is a place in Colonial Williamsburg that used to have very good marzipan you could try googling or searching the South board.

      1. Last Christmas the Neuhaus chocolate store in Union station had excellent marzipan in figures and shapes but also enrobed in dark chocolate.

        1. Heidelberg has a huge variety of marzipan treats. I'd check it out.

          PS Their breads are really good too. Excellent ryes.

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            Bob W is correct! Heidelberg it is! they did my marzipan wedding cake, too. the best!!!!!!!

          2. If you don't mind ordering it online (and why would you), google Niederegger Marzipan. It's German marzipan hailing from L├╝beck, and it's the best. Not too sugary, with a nice almond flavor, and in a variety of shapes. I think you'll really like it. You can even get it on amazon.