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FRESCO'S Prepared Meals to Cook at Home!!

I came across this company with many wonderful products available. They are prepackaged ready to cook meals..I found them recently at a large Dominion store at Southdown & Lakeshore Road E. They had a kiosk set up and I tasted the Beef Stirfry..which was tasty. We've had the Shrimp and also the Spicy Pork which was very good... I normally don't buy anything like this but I'm telling you these products are lovely to prepare. I love the freshness of the vegetables...simply wonderful. Wonderful for two people!! Check them out if they are available near you. They also have storefront locations where they sell many different types of COOK AT HOME meals. Check them out!!!
Here is the company website:


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  1. hey , so theres one of these Fresco's and Co. stores opening up tomorrow on lakeshore.. has anyone tasted anything recently or know anything about it?

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      lakeshore and?

      -fingers crossed that it's lakeshore and parklawn....but unlikely-

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        Lakeshore amd Leslie, where the big new Canadian Tire is.It's only a 20 min. drive for you, I go out by you all the time to shop!

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          I recall it should be at the Canadian Tire complex at Leslie/Lakeshore.

      2. They've had 2 stores open near me for the past year or so...great option to pick up a fresh, make at home dinner with all the prep done for you. I've seen the stir frys available at the Dominion's too..
        The stores offer more options and have some nice entrees and sides sold individually. They have nice stuffed chicken breasts (apricot/goat cheese, spinich/feta, etc), ready for the grill steaks/seafood
        love the concept!

        1. Went today ( the grand opening) and I'm so excited. They had some samples of a salad (with a delicious balsamic dressing) and some type of beef spicy stir fry which was amazing as well. I bought a salad kit which comes with the lettuce, veggies, cheese, dressing and meat all in separate little compartments ready to be shaken up and Im excited to try it. I also bought some yummy looking root veggie fries that just need to be baked. They have a HUGE selection of stir fries, side dishes, salads (side and meal style), chicken/beef/pork/seafood to be grilled or baked etc all for some pretty fair prices. The salad was kind of expensive (6$ I think), but most of the stifries (serves 3) which come with the raw marinated meat, noodles/rice, veggies, sauce and any other extras are around the 10-12$ mark. I dont think thats too bad for the convenience. Everything was pretty healthy as well (low fat) with nutritional information on every product. Im definetly looking forward to buying a few of the stirfries or the steak/chicken dishes. They even were baking their own bagettes fresh in the store and they smelled pretty good. I will keep everyone posted on how the products I bought turn out.

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            Other than Lakeshore and Leslie, where are these stores located?

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              Lakeshore and leslie, king w and spadina (opening soon), oakville, missisauga, and I believe theyre going to be opening one around Yonge and Eg according to one of the women there today.

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                Thanks - I look forward to checking one out.

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                  The first two to open are in Burlington..they've been here for awhile. I've seen that one is open now in Heartland Centre in Mississauga

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                    Just to clarify, our first 'flagship store' was opened in London, Ontario in March, 2006. London is also where our Production Facility is located. We also have 2 retails stores in Burlington, 1 in Oakville, 1 in Mississauga and 1 in Toronto (Lakeshore & Leslie). A second Toronto location (west of King & Spadina) will be opening soon. You can also purchase our Stir Frys at 22 A&P/Dominion locations.

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              Was there (passed by when going to Canadian Tire) but was put off by the prices - $12 for 4 chicken skewers! They were cooking something which smelled really good though.

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                hm, yah I suppose some of the meat products are expensive. Not something I could afford for dinner every night but I figure its better than ordering something in.

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                  Correct Pricing:
                  $10.99 for 6 chicken skewers!
                  $9.99 for 6 beef or 6 pork or 6 shrimp skewers!

              2. I live just around the corner from the Mississauga Heartland Fresco's store and was very excited when it opened. I have since tried about a dozen of their products. My goal is to try them all....:). Our favourites so far are:
                Spicy Citrus Pork Tenderloin Stir-Fry (not as spicy as it sounds)
                Chili Garlic Shrimp Stir-Fry (not too spicy either)
                Southwest Beef Stir-Fry

                I do wish that they had more kid-friendly selections. Kids can be fussy. I know my kids refuse to eat anything they don't recognize. They're not too keen on all the seasonings/vegetables that Frescos uses. I know this is what makes the meals healthy but can't seem to convince them to try them. Oh well. Hope this helps. :)

                1. Had some of their food when I was in TO and then again from a Dominion where I picked some stir fry up one night after work. Was OK for takeout; I wasn't wowed by anything but also was not put off by anything. A little pricey. I don't think I would do the pasta or noodle take out. For me, it does not take much time to prepare that fresh that I would pay for some parcooked prepped food. I guess for convenience, there is a price and some sacrifice you have to make.

                  1. The King Street one is open now. I haven't bought any of the dinners but I've tried three of the salads. I was hoping this would be my new quick lunch. The first salad had a couple of spoiled bits in the spring mix, but you know, that happens so I picked them out and went on. The second one was fine. But the third was horrible -- it actually smelled swampy, there was so much rotten stuff in it -- too much to pick out. I had to return it.

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                      OMG, just made the chicken pad thai and had to chuck it - it was that bad!!!
                      We were at the Canadian Tire the other night, and remembered reading about this place so we dropped in. Nothing appealed to me or the hubby, but being the ever faithful CH'er I am - I felt I must try something. Hence the pad thai. Well it was sitting in the fridge and I figured I better at least make it and perhaps have for lunch or something. Yuckk. I knew while cooking it, it was not something we would eat - EVER, but went through the cooking process anyways. In the end, I took one small bite and threw the whole thing out. The sauce was like brown water and the whole thing tasted like vinegar.

                      I should have known better. For raw chicken to have a best before date of at least a week later, something has to be comprised. We bought it last Tuesday and it was supposedly good until Sept. 23rd.

                      Like my husband said, how Fresh could it be? It's packaged in Kitchener and then shipped out. Give me a break. If someone is that rushed for time save yourself the $11 and have a bowl of cereal.

                      Do I sound bitter? Maybe a little. I should have known better!!!!

                      1. re: millygirl

                        Just had the blackened pork/feta salad and it was delicious!

                        1. re: thebutcher

                          A few weeks ago, I saw the store after leaving Canadain Tire. I stopped in an bought a soya-ginger salmon stir-fry , a side sish of wholegrain red rice with cranberries and feta, and a wild mushroom and smoked paprika soup.

                          The first two items were quite good and we'd buy them again. I liked the fact that the stir-fry was ready in 5 minutes, and was quite tasty. I wasn't crazy about the soup, the main ingredient is potato even though it's not mentioned in the name of the soup, and the taste of rosemary was overpowering. I couldn't even taste the other ingredients, it tasted like potato rosemary soup. I may try it again just to see if it the next batch is the same.
                          Since I do all the cook at our house, it was nice to have a day off!

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                            We split the cooking up, based on whoever feels inspired on a given day. Either way, it's nice to take a break from it and in fact, do that quite often. But after trying that one item I would not bother again. IMO there are many better options to cooking, than purchasing that crap. As an example, summerhill prepared items, ordering pizza, even nuking a lean cusine, or like I mentioned earlier a bowl of soup or cereal would be less work and more enjoyable. Having said that, I'm glad you guys are enjoying it and I wish them well. It's just not for us.

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                          The pad thai is the one thing I've always stayed away from...I wouldn't base your opinion on this. Let's face it..you're not going to get a good pad thai from a take home kit place that doesn't really do 'thai'..
                          This place is great for stir fry's ready to cook stuffed meats, etc, but for a quick pad thai....I'd stick to a thai takout!

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                            I had the chicken/noodle/thai type dish and it was amazing! For $11.99 I believe it was at the most, I could have fed four people. I love to cook and have been doing it for 40 years, have taken every course at George Brown College and I must say that this particular dish was spectacular, so delicious, and you couldn't even think of buying the ingredients for that price. I saw it rocks!