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Nov 30, 2007 10:30 AM

Seafood or fish restaurants in Paris

Hello all,
I want to ask more knowledgeable or more experienced -- can you recommend good (or better very good) Seafood / Fish restaurants in paris? Not food chains, please and if possible, no dress code.

As far I found:
- Dessirier
- Le Divellec
- Vin & Marée
- Gaya Rive Gauche
- Goumard

bur with just a few or no comments on these... Maybe i complete missing something well known or some seafood important restaurant. Thank you for recommendations, comments or experience with anything interesting.

Thanks a lot!

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  1. you must be new around here, or you would also be aware of La Cagouille in the 14me that quite a few of us have waxed poetic about! There are also quite a number of oyster bars around town that serve great plateaux at reasonable prices.

    1. Not sure about about your no dress code requirement, Divellic, Gaya and Goumard are all one stars, not the kind of places you want to go to with a t shirt / flip flops.

      le Dome on Blvd Montparnasse may be the best known fish restaurant in Paris. It is, however, priced like a 3 star.

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      1. re: f2dat06

        There is always Le Bistrot du Dôme right next door (well on Rue Delambre) which is considerably cheaper, but still fine.

        You can always go to Le Dôme (the terrace) for the aperitif or a night cap.

        1. re: Dodo

          There's also a "petit Dôme" (as my wife calls it) in Bastille, not far from Bofinger. The Bistrots du Dôme are quite nice, very low-key, and the fish is of the same quality as it is at the big Dôme, without all the elaboration. There are like 10 selections of wine, all at the same price.

        2. re: f2dat06

          I just ate there and it was not particually expensive for Paris; it is certainly no Le Divellec in price. I still have the bill; prices-a Sancerre 36 Euros; Soupe de Poisson-12.50 Euros; Trocon De Turbot-46 Euros; St. Pierre-36.50 Euros; Cote de Veau-38 Euros; Glace et Sorbet mixte-9.5 Euros; Nougat glace-11 Euros; Mille Feuilles-11 Euros; cafe-2.80 Euros; the only problem was that neither the Trocon De Turbot nor the St. Pierre were particually good.

        3. All very good adresses, with prices like they say in the Michelin. Le Divellec is particularly fancy and expensive, also has some of the best fish in town. But your list lacks ny favourite: Le Duc. Hyper fresh high quality fish prepared in the most simple way, prices are reasonable given the quality and the Paris market.

          1. I haven't eaten there in many years, but does anyone still go to La Mediteranee? Is it good, mediocre, bad?

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            1. re: zuriga1

              If you're referring to La Mediterranee on Place L'Odeon, I ate there couple years ago. It was decent but a little over priced. Entrees around 15E, 30E for plats and 10E for desserts. Much of the preparations are fairly complicated. The plus is that it is open Sunday nights.

              1. re: PBSF

                Fish e Boissonerie, in the 6th. Madly fresh, a wine list that changes every 10 days and bartenders from Australia. All (except for the bartenders) at perfectly reasonable prices. It has become our default kitchen whenever we go to Paris.

                1. re: radiogrl1

                  It may be called Fish but it isn't a fish restaurant. It is fish as in "drink like a fish". It does always have a couple of fish dishes on the menu - like a lot of places.

                  Agree the food is good and the wine is great - although last time I was there they were Kiwis behind the bar not Aussies.

                  1. re: PhilD

                    I had a wonderful meal at Fish a few months back. The menu was short, but if I remember correctly everything was seafood (but the wine may have something to do with this). I liked it a lot and would definitely go back. And yeah, they're Kiwis, not Aussies.

                    Also had a very good meal at Fables de la Fontaine (see below), which had the best bread of my trip. Make sure to reserve in advance if you want to go there.

            2. We had an enjoyable dinner at Les Fables de la Fontaine on St. Dominique, not far from the Eiffel Tower, last week. It’s a tiny all-fish/seafood restaurant. We went with the 70 Euro chef’s choice degustation and had all sorts of clever (and more importantly, tasty) dishes. They also have a la carte, but I can’t remember if there is any more reasonably priced formule – I suspect not. My husband is still writing up our Paris experiences but when he gets the review done I’ll try to remember to post it here.

              Certainly a jacket and tie would not be required here – we wore slacks and a sweater or button-down shirt, but one might well be comfortable in jeans and a decent shirt. I’m trying to remember the crowd and can’t with any certainty, but we certainly did not feel over or under-dressed.

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              1. re: meg944

                We have been to Les Fables de La Fontaine five times ... and I can't wait to go back there. Everyone we've introduced to the restaurant has loved it! This is our reigning repeat restaurant. It’s got fabulous food, reasonable prices, wonderful service and a nice buzz in the resto. Amazing, creative, delicious fish dishes and fabulous desserts. Immediate start with an amuse bouche and that sets the tone for the evening. Entrees we've had included sautéed scallops in a crème de carotte puree, fried shrimp with guacomole, langoustine feuillete, tuna tartare, and shrimp terrine. Plats – all filets of fish – were all tasty. Desserts include gateaux Basque with a pistachio sauce, crème de mascarpone, and a ganache aux chocolat with crème de marron.

                1. re: nutnut

                  Ditto. One of my favorites in Paris. I wouldn't wear jeans, though--dressing nicely is a sign of respect, and Americans often don't get that. But nice pants and a sweater/nice shirt will do fine.

                  I haven't been in a year--nutnut, how far in advance do you reserve these days (we have an upcoming trip)?

                  1. re: christy319

                    We've called two or three weeks ahead. Have fun and don't forget to order the gateau basque.

                2. re: meg944

                  Does Les Fables de la Fontaine offer lunch as well? Or is it only dinner? I can't seem to find a web site...