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Bowling Alley cuisine

Looking for a fun place to celebrate my birthday and have this image of a nice (non-smoky, maybe adults only) bowling alley that serves more than just beer and pizza. Does this exist? Perhaps good cocktails and tasty appetizers to enjoy while bowling some strikes. I live in the Valley but would be willing to travel over the hill for something good. Any suggestions?

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  1. I like Lucky Strike in Hollywood. Their food was surprisingly decent. There's also a back room if you prefer a more private function, with easy access to its own restrooms and the far lanes.

    1. The bowling alley in SGV on the corner of Valley and New used to serve pho, but no more.

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        Since 101 Dumplings is in the same center, maybe they could cater!

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          You mean "101 Noodle Express" right?

          Don't tell me ANOTHER dumpling shop opened up ...

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            That's what I meant, I'm melding my dumpling shops.

      2. Lucky Strike is exactly what you're looking for. Ok food, adult space, and cocktails. It's really pretty nice.

        1. There is also a Lucky Strikes in Torrance - I've been to both Hollywood and Torrance locations, and the Torrance location is a little nicer.

          1. You may want to look at Pinz in Studio City

            1. The best restaurants I know in bowling alleys are here in the westside:

              KJ's Diner in Westchester and a Pepe's Galley in Mar Vista might be what you are looking for.

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                Do either one of these serve cocktails and / or appetizers?

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                  Can't speak for Pepe's, but KJ's does serve cocktails and has a great menu for appetizers

                  Kj's Family Restaurant
                  8731 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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                    Pepy's Galley is fantastic. They don't serve cocktails but there is a bar adjacent to the diner in the bowling alley and people are welcome to bring in drinks from there. I had a bloody mary with my breakfast there on Sunday morning. The best chilaquiles I've ever eaten.

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                      How are the chilaquiles served at Pepy's? I tried them for the first time in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago from a stand at the Ferry Bldg farmer's market. They were served with scrambled eggs, creamy refried beans, avocado and a smoky and fiery red salsa. So simple and so delicious. I've been craving them ever since!

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                        had chili cheese fries while bowling at mar vista this weekend and they were pretty darn good. solid! $3.50 an order....iirc.

                        their nacho's are ok as well. but they tasted much better as my beer consumption increased.

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                          The chilaquiles are prepared simply with a very flavorful red sauce and lots of cheese. They are spicy and gooey and soggy and crunchy all at the same time. They are served with either potatoes or beans and you can order scrambled eggs on the side. Their salsa is excellent.

                          Pepy's has fantastic machaca too. Stay far away from the breakfast burrito, it is nowhere near as good as the other breakfast items and contains iceberg lettuce (?!)

                          My friend had the prime rib and eggs which was very very good. Pepy's is cash only.

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                            Thanks for replying Boo. I'll definitely try it!

                    2. I don't know its name, but the restaurant in the bowling alley across the street from the civic auditorium in Santa Monica is one reason we don't mind driving from Pasadena to attend functions there. It's more a coffee shop than a restaurant in size and character, though they do serve full meals, but the quality of the grub and the friendliness of the room and staff have always been outstanding. Caveat: I think it's been over two years since we were there last, so someone else might want to jump in here if any of this has changed.

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                        That space used to be Cafe Beignet and served some great New Orleans influenced grub but that was back in the 80's and I think the owners sold it. I have not been back since those day's, maybe I should give it a try again???

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                          We first discovered the place in 2000, the year we moved out here, so it has changed since you knew it. As I say, I don't recall the name, but I do not believe it's NOLA-flavored anymore. One thing I do recall is seeing braised lamb shank on the menu, and thinking we ought to find some way to have dinner there! As we were there for lunch, and pinching pennies besides, we stuck with the excellent sandwiches.

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                            what about the Gutter Cafe in Mr T.'s bowl , suppsoedly it's gourmet coffee shoppe eats.

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                              I think that was a while ago...I don't even know if it's open as a cafe anymore, but in any case it's not with the former quasi-gourmet cooks.

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                                Mr. T's bowl is also a music venue, no longer an active bowling alley.

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                                Well "...excellent sandwiches..." is enough to get me back!

                          2. Reading your post made me fondly remember the Holiday Bowl coffee shop on Crenshaw. They had Japanese, Chinese and American dishes (and Hawaiian, too!). Too bad it isn't there anymore. They certainly had a lot more than beer and pizza!

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                              Went to Tak's and it didn't seem the same. Or maybe the Holiday Bowl noodles weren't quite as good as I thought they were back then.

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                                High school memories does have a way of coloring things, huh? Lol..

                            2. Although I haven't patronized Lucky Strike Lanes I have been inside the one in Orange. It's definately an 'upscale' adult version bowling alley. And I think pretty pricey to boot. They don't even list their menu items prices at their website. Definately not your 'typical' bowling alley 'coffee shop style' cuisine served here. You can check out Lucky Strike Lanes at their website link below. There is a Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood according to their website. Not too far for you to travel.


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                                I like the looks of Lucky Strike from the website and based on these suggestions I'm going to give it a try. Thanks to all for the help!