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Nov 30, 2007 10:19 AM

best ice cream cake in la?

need to get an ice cream cake for party. i usually go to 31 flavors. does anyone have a better idea?

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  1. Fosselmann's in Alhambra has much better ice cream and ice cream cakes. It's been a couple of years since I ordered one, but I seem to recall the prices were cheaper than 31 flavors.

    1. Carvel is an east coast chain that's started popping up out here and they're known for their ice cream cakes. They all have these yummy chocolate crunchies in them--Cookiepuss and Fudgie the Whale were always popular, but they do more traditional looking cakes, too.

      I haven't had an ice cream cake from Fosselman's but their ice cream is amazing, so I'm sure their cakes would be good, too.

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        I grew up on Carvel ice cream cakes. They're good -- better than BR -- but I like the ice cream cakes at ColdStone better.

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          I'm really not a fan of the Carvel ice cream cakes that you can get at some grocery stores. Mouthful of air. Are there Carvel stores that have something different/better?

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            as someone who grew up anticipating that annual special-order treat for my birthday throughout childhood, i have to chime in here. sadly, the glorious carvel cakes of yesteryear seem, for all intents & purposes, to have become extinct. they may LOOK the same, but they sure as hell don't taste the same. following are 2 of my posts from previous threads regarding the decline in quality of carvel's products...

            re: products that have changed in recent years....

            carvel ice cream cakes.

            they were best thing about birthdays & special occasions when i was a kid. when we were young, we got them personalized with our favorite fictional characters or superheroes - wonder woman was my all-time favorite. my family always put in a special advance order to have it made with extra fudge & extra chocolate crunchies inside the cake...AND we always bought extra cups of both on the side. [a couple of times we even ordered the cake made with all chocolate ice cream, because my brother had developed a habit of trying to throw away his vanilla & steal everyone else's chocolate. but i digress.]

            i hadn't eaten one in at least a decade...the last time was probably in the mid-90's. but i ordered one for a friend's birthday last year as a special surprise when i found out he had grown up with them as well.

            my first bite turned out to be my last. it was truly awful. the ice cream was mealy, with a bland flavor reminiscent of freezer burn. and the icing - which had always been one of my favorite parts - tasted remarkably like a blend of plastic and cardboard.

            at first i wondered if perhaps my palate has just matured over the years...maybe it was always crap but i'm just more discerning now?


            this guy [the "birthday boy"] will gladly eat practically anything, quality & nutritional value be damned. [if necessary, he'd be perfectly happy subsisting on frozen pigs in blankets, top ramen, & ben & jerry's.] and yes, he did finish the piece i cut for him. he even finished off mine after i took that one regrettable bite. but then he did something completely out of character, something i've NEVER seen him do... he left the rest of the cake behind, and never came back to get it.

            that thing sat in my freezer, untouched, for DAYS. i finally tossed it after about a week...and he eventually confessed that even HE had thought it was pretty crappy, but had eaten it for nostalgia's sake.

            what a sad, sad waste.

            i eventually managed to finish off the cups of extra crunchies & fudge, but even those weren't very good.

            re: someone else's comment about a bad carvel cake experience...

            the cake i ordered WAS a fudgie the whale! it doesn't get more "carvel" than that, and my friend said it was the one design he always wanted & had never gotten.

            good to know it's not just me, but so depressing to realize that yet another childhood joy has been adulterated to the point of destruction.

            and yes, the deterioration in quality applies to their regular ice cream as well. my mom's favorite was a scoop of cherry vanilla - she always loved that they used tons of fresh cherries. once a few years ago when i was visiting, i drove past the location we always went to, so i thought i'd stop in & get her some as a surprise. the crap they're now passing off as cherry vanilla didn't have a single cherry in it....just some suspiciously artificial-looking pink streaks running through the ice cream. i didn't bother buying it for her - i was afraid it would just taint her joyful memories.

        2. wonder if MILK would make you one.

          i'd also check w/ boule and see if they'd do it.

          if not, i'd want one from scoops.

          1. ColdStones is better than 31, and if you like strawberry ice cream, I would suggest their vanilla cake with Strawberry ice cream. =)

            1. coldstone's also has a fabulous red velvet ice cream cake. check it out...