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Nov 30, 2007 10:16 AM

First timer at Lupa -- What to order?

I have never tried any of Batali's restaurants and am having lunch at Lupa tomorrow. What are your recommendations for some don't-miss dishes? I'm not picky and will try anything.

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  1. i'm a big fan of going with the basics there. for a party of 2, i generally share (they'll split an order of pasta into 2 separate bowls for you to make sharing easy): orechiette with sausage, spaghetti con pomodoro (sounds boring, but a testament to how great the food is that this dish is incredibly tasty), and a starter... usually the tuna w/ canneloni.

    1. the stand-outs from our last meal there were the house-cured meat sampler and the gnocchi with ground sausage and fennel. we also had several of the vegetable antipasti and contorni, which were excellent as usual. i don't think that you can go wrong with any of those, although i'm partial to anything involving escarole, brussel sprouts, or beets. and while i'm not a big dessert person, i think that the tartufo is a must-have.

      1. I know it sounds boring but the spaghetti con pomodoro is really good. Also, they have a kind of fruit de mer platter with lots of different cured/marinated fish that's good to share as an app. If I remember correctly they have a great prok shoulder.

        1. let me say up front that i have a heavy bias towards pastas at *all* batali places!

          the ricotta gnocchi with fennel sausage ragu and anything cacio e pepe (pecorino + black pepper) are my favorite pastas at lupa. i also enjoy the bucatini alla amatriciana, although it seems like they serve it at every batali restaurant.

          i agree with lukebdonnelly79 on the pork shoulder, although i prefer it there as an entree--i had it once in a pasta and it wasn't nearly as good.

          also, if you don't feel like having a glass of wine, try a bellini!

          1. I guess a lot of us have the same favorite dishes! I, too, recommend the ricotta gnocchi, cacio e pepe and the pork shoulder. And they'll usually have the orechiette w/ sausage as a special - if they do, get it! It is flavorful and rich and so delicious! They don't have it on the current menu, but I also love their Fettucine alla Papalina - I personally like it better than their Vermicelli Carbonara (for future reference).

            The bucatini alla amatriciana is delicious as well, but I would save that for a subsequent trip.

            The only dish that I didn't care for was the Saltimbocca. I thought it was dry and too salty - wasn't interesting enough for me.

            And end with the Tartufo - it sounds ordinary, but it is amazing. Plus, they have a great selection of Amaros for after dinner.

            I love this place, can you tell? :)