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Nov 30, 2007 09:40 AM

Marron Glacees

We stopped off at Marche Adonis on Sources. As well as having the usual selection of wonderful baklava, I picked up some Marron Glacee from the counter. They are wrapped individually in gold foil, and sold individually. Oh yum.... They are very nice quality and if you are a fan of these, run and get some!!! Much better than the ones you buy in boxes. I usually buy mine at Festin du Babette, but I spoke to Martine, and she is not ordering them this year. She is worried about the construction on St. Denis, and is scaling back on orders for fear that business is going down. This is a shame, as her marron glacees are always well-chosen. She is very honest about the quality of her marron glacees, so I trust her judgement. When they are substandard, she tells me, and often will not even stock them. And when they are good, well!!!!! The ones I just tried at Marche Adonis definitely measure up. Very tender, really delicate chestnut flavour, not overwhelmingly sweet. I love these things.

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  1. moh, if you know anyone in Geneva, get them to send you some from Confiserie Rohr. I once had a relative get me some, and they were absolutely incredible. I have had them as a special import at other places in Quebec, and they were not quite as good. I also tried to make them, but failed miserably. It's a labour-intensive 14-day process I believe, and I tend to get impatient.

    Looking forward to your report later this year.

    1. I'm bumping this thread to remind moh of her responsibility to locate the best marrons glacees in Montreal, and post a report before Christmas. My wish, of course, is that she does not buy the entire stock before she posts :)

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      1. re: souschef

        The search has begun... I'll see what I can do about leaving some for others. But with your luck I'll have gorged on fois gras and only manage one or two marrons :)

        1. re: moh

          moh, later this month I will have a couple of top quality marrons with your name on them.

          1. re: moh

            Saw some today in the chcolate case at Fous Desserts - they also have packaged ones on their counter, but these appear to be home made ones...

            1. re: cherylmtl

              Thanks for the tip! I will clearly have to head there on Tuesday...

              1. re: moh

                So how were they moh?

                I hear that there is a store in Ottawa where they make their own. The owner is French. I will buy some and report back here.

                1. re: souschef

                  I visited the store in Ottawa where they reportedly make some. A guy in the store said not this year. He said that they made some last year, and that they were very good, but were just not selling, so they ended up throwing some out at the end. Damn!

        2. The guy at the chocolate shop next to Fino told me that they make marrons glacees around Christmas. If their chocolates are any indication, their marrons will be great. I can hardly wait !