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Nov 30, 2007 09:32 AM

Indian restaurant for dinner

Hi All,
Please help me choose between the following indian restaurants in mid Toronto.
Kamasutra, Tabla , Amaya.
I assume they are all about the same price range and wonder which you prefer? We are going out Saturday evening for dinner and would like to try one of these, please help me decide or feel free to suggest another in that same general vicinity. Please note, I cannot eat really spicy (hot) dishes.
Thanks so much,

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  1. I've been to all three. Avoid the Vindaloo (very hot) and you should be fine.
    I find KamaSutra to be more about appearance than the food. Nice surroundings, just OK food.
    Tabla is my current favourite for food. A little formal perhaps, but good service and well prepared food (ask for the Naanini - an appetizer/bread that seems to have slipped off the current menu, but is still available).
    Amaya is more modern (maybe even trendy). I've had service problems there, which means I would avoid Saturday night (which is extremely busy). But the food is good, so definitely merits consideration.

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      I second Tabla. Haven't been to the others. Tabla is a little fancier, but I wouldn't describe it as too fancy. It's just well prepared and nicely served. But the food is delicious and hearty.

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        Haven't been to Amaya but the other two are good choices. If you are wanting to avoid spicy/hot dishes, probably the most important thing is what you order, but I felt Tabla was less inclined to turn up the heat (last time at Kamasutra almost everything was quite hot). All three places are a little nicer and a little pricier than the average indian restaurant, but certainly Tabla and Kamasutra are not expensive nights out.

    2. I will vouch for Kama Sutra on Bayview, where I have always had great food. Their Brie pakoras are a nice modern twist and delicious too. The eggplant bharta is the best/smokiest version I've had. In addition, I love the fact that they offer veal rather than beef as an option as it's so tender and less stringy.

      They have a $49.95 meal for 2 which includes appetizer platter (sadly not with the brie pakoras), 2 meat curries, one veg curry, rice and naans.

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