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Nov 30, 2007 09:25 AM

Good authentic sushi

I don't get out as much as i wish i could so i haven't found a great sushi restaurant since i moved to the city this spring. If you could let me know our favorites i'd love it. thanks

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  1. Welcome to Boston.

    Here is a great starting point:

      1. re: ScubaSteve

        Sad to say that Hiro has moved on. I was there the night before Thanksgiving and the bartender said he left. Not sure if he's working somewhere else now because the bartender played stupid.

        Our group was very disappointed in our meals that evening too.

        1. re: mjg0725

          WTF!!! say it ain't so!
          although in my last chat with him he did hint that he may be opening his own place.

          1. re: ScubaSteve

            Here's to hoping he surfaces, and soon.

      2. Bamboo is good (3 locations).

        1. If you don't mind driving outside the city I would suggest Sushi Island in Wakefield for authentic and traditional sushi. This place is owned and operated by a Japanese guy who was trained as a sushi master (Itamai-san) in Japan. He doesn't feature a lot of crazy types of makis but he focuses on the more traditional sushi offerings. He always so interesting special and he gets some of his fish directly from the Tokyo fish market in Japan. The quality of his fish is always excellent and he is very conscientious about what he serves. If you go try the ankimo (monk fish liver pate) and the Otoro if he has it. If you want something that is cooked I love the way he does Hamachi Kama which is the jaw section of a large Hamachi (Yellow tail) has been grilled with a glaze of soy sauce and salt. It is a very delicious and somewhat unusual offering.

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            I second Sushi Island. My boyfriend is from Manhattan and says that this place rivals a lot of the traditional Japanese places he's been to in NYC and also Tokyo. I've been going here for years - even when it was on Princess Street. It's an incredible choice, easy parking and modest prices. THe uni is pretty spectacular as well as the otoro and the ankimo as RoyRon said. When they have Sea Eel, I highly recommend that as well. It melts in your mouth!

            1. i grew up in asia eating sushi. boston has a very very poor selection of real authentic japanese food + sushi.

              *OISHI in chestnut hill is good.
              *if you like the americanized scropion/crazy/catepillar etc rolls i think fugakyu is good.
              *ive been here for 8 years and GINZA has been bad and super un authentic everytime.
              *douzo is fun and trendy but not authentic

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              1. re: kweesee

                i've really only ever had one maki at Fugakyu (the Dice-K) so i never really think of it as a roll place. i've almost exclusively done omakase so all my experiences are biased towards that type of thing.