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Nov 30, 2007 09:18 AM

Visiting work sites in Liberty and Raytown, MO, where to eat?

I will be in St. Joseph, Liberty and Raytown, MO next week for half day visits at worksites. What's the best grub in the area? I like BBQ, TexMex, Indian and basically anything else. I like to go where the locals go and I'm up for new experiences.

I'll be lunching sometime between flying in to MCI at noon and driving into St. Joseph. I'm spending the night in St. Joe and then leaving early, early AM for Liberty. I will have lunch in Liberty or on my way down to Raytown. The Raytown office is around Blue Parkway and E 63rd, just off 435. I have to be back at the airport by 7:30 so will need dinner somewhere in between Raytown and MCI.

While I usually stay away from chains, I'm open to anything that can't be found here in St. Louis! I'm on an expense account, but my company is not very generous so I'm looking at dinners that ring in under $20.00 not including beverages.

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  1. Cheddar's Casual Cafe in St. Joseph. It's a chain (don't think they're in St. Louis), but it's wonderful. A majority of the items are made from scratch. The portions are huge and the prices $2-$3 less than the other chains.

    1. LC's is close to where you'll be in Raytown - great BBQ though quite a dive.

      1. Liberty is known for "The Dish" pizza. It's called that. I have not been there in 5 years at least, but it is very famous in KC

        1. If it's not too late to chime in:
          El Cerro Grande
          290 S State Route 291, Liberty, MO 64068
          (816) 781-4311

          My brother lives in Liberty and eats here regularly, I tried it last time I was visiting and had a good time. Lots of food, reasonable prices, NOT a chain.

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            Thanks for the suggestions! I wound up spending tonight in Maryville instead of St. Joe. Dinner was Paglia's Pizza. Not bad although not my favorite style of pizza. I will be in Liberty tomorrow AM and may be able to go to El Cerro Grande for lunch. I've also been told that I should stop by Gold-n-Glaze Donuts when I drive through St. Joseph.