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Nov 30, 2007 09:02 AM

21st birthday in los angeles?

i'm looking for a good restaurant/bar for me and maybe 10 of my girlfriends for my 21st birthday...any good ideas? maybe in santa monica area or west hollywood? a good/fun/bumpin' ambiance!
i guess either a restaurant/bar or a restaurant that tunrs into a lounge/bar scene later at night? not sure how that kind of thing really works!

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  1. The Penthouse at the top of the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica.

    1. Go to the Abbey first (gay bar, sorta, but lotsa fun for all!) then hit The Village Idiot for more beer, then go to Lucky Devil's in Hollywood for late night yummy milkshakes and more fun.

      Or, you can try and get through "The Green Door"-brownie points if you do!

      Seriously, do you care about the food at all? Mediocre sushi, a hopping bar and a "hollywood" vibe can be had at Geisha House. Just be warned, they try and stick nobodies and newbies at the bad tables and in corners-don't let em!

      Frankly you might have fun hitting Hollywood Blvd or the Sunset srtip and just trying to get into all the places you can. Start at the Viper Room and go east.

      But for goodness sake, be responsible. the only person who thinks it's cool to get blasted is the newbie drinker. And perhaps Lindsey Lohan. Don't be a Lohan.

      My new "ism" is "anti mixed drinks at places outism" Mixed drinks are so expensive, and a lot of them re just silly, such as the "tini" craze, where 98% of the drinks aren't martini's at all, or the "sake-tini" craze which wrecks both sake and a good martini. My husband makes some good things at home, and it costs 1/3 as much!

      Do you prefer beer, liquor,wine or (my new ick) cocktails?

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      1. a price range would alse be helpful. the Penthouse is a fun scene (although maybe a little older than you'd like), but can get expensive as most drinks are around $15. That's going to be the case with many of the scene-y places. You could go somewhere inexpensive like Musha to eat and then cab to Busby's, Q's, the Gaslite, V lounge or the Parlour.

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          price range maybe like 25 per person for food, and then drinks. i'm starting to think a restaurant that turns into a bar scene later on would be ideal...i love to go out and drink and be with friends, but i'm not SUPER la-scene trendy lohan kind of girl. just looking for a fun place with a good scene. penthouse seems a little too older for me? but some of the others are looking right?

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            I think The Belmont on La Cienega would suit your needs and budget. Then you can walk across the street and have a drink at Koi or Spanish Kitchen, or go to Area for more of a clubby scene. Republic is right there too.

            1. re: hrhboo

              ehh...I would never go back to The Belmont. Maybe it's different at night, but I went at lunch and ordered a sandwich without mayo. The sandwich came out with about a cup of mayo slathered all over both sides of the bread. When I asked the waitress to take it back, she was like..."Seriously!? I'm trying my best, but it's really difficult because it's busy!" Note: Over half of the restaurant was empty. My friend ordered a BLT and was basically brought an LT. When she asked the waitress why there was no bacon, the waitress said "We ran out."

            2. re: soccerangel48

              The Penthouse will be way out of that budget. I think hrhboo's recs should be perfect for you for West Hollywood. If you want to stay in Santa Monica, there aren't really any places with food in that price range that turn into a bar scene (at least with good food), but you could eat somewhere and then cab to the places I suggested.

              1. re: mollyomormon

                Also fun for a 21st birthday would be SimonLA and Stone Rose Lounge, or dinner at Social and then Boulevard 3 next door. Last time I was at all these places I remember thinking that I would enjoy them so much more if I was 22.

          2. If you feel like heading eastward a little bit, I would do something in the Cahuenga Corridor. Citizen Smith has food, can fit your group, has a young vibe, and is a lounge/bar scene all night long, even with a patio out back. The menu is all American, so everyone's bound to find something they like to eat. From there, you don't have to leave, but if you do, you're right next door to Beauty Bar as well as scores of other clubs. No, you're not Lindsay Lohan, but that doesn't mean you can't have a good time.

            By the way, one of the clubs I used to go to (Star Shoes) changed ownership this year. I walked by a few nights ago and it looks really nice; I'll have to check it out, but I can't vouch for it.

            Citizen Smith
            1600 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028