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Jun 8, 2006 12:05 PM

good place to eat in historic area in vallejo

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would like to take the ferry from sf and adventure on foot in historic area vallejo on a sunday. any local restaurant to sit and celebrate a birthday and take in the local ambiance would be great. we like seafood, all kinds of ethnic cuisine, bistro food, good food in an atmospheric(local, real,) bar . by the water would be wonderful but not necessary. walking a distance is no problem. probably late lunch or early dinner.

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  1. if I was anywhere in Vallejo I'd check out House of Soul (recommended highly by others on the board.)
    1526 Solano Ave. Vallejo 707.644-3792

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      Unfortunately House of Soul is closed on Sunday, as are a lot of the tastier places in Vallejo like Gracies BBQ and Gumbahs.

      Anyone tried A Heavenly Taste?
      (707) 557-4343
      2272 Sacramento St
      Vallejo, CA 94590

      Solano magazine says "Soul food menu includes “comfort foods” like fried chicken, mashed potatoes and meatloaf, and desserts made from scratch."

      I'm not sure how close they are to the historic district.

      The link below is a few more ideas, but you might call to see if they are open Sunday and how close to your location they are.

      Along the water are some ok to mediocre restaurants. Next door to the Ferry is Front Room Pizza, a branch of the SF restaurant. Not as good as the original, but maybe the best of the group.

      A pretty walk along the water will eventually take you to Zio Fraedo's, an old-style (not in a good way, imo) Italian-Continental restaurant. I went soon after opening and was underwhelmed. They have another place somewhere in the Walnut Creek or Concord area. It was new when I visited it. It was just ok, but there are better ways I'd rather spend my food dollars.

      Next door to Zio Fraedo is The Sardine Can ... I want to like this place, but I have had nothing but Denny's quality food to date. Avoid the Bloody Mary's. I just may have not ordered the right thing. However, the grease factor is big here. They do have live jazz on Sunday afternoon, so if you ordered a beer and listed to the music while looking out on the water, that might not be too bad a deal.

      Sunday is pretty dead in Vallejo. Other than the nice boat ride, what is the appeal of the historic district? Did you read an article about it?

      If for some reason you happen to stumble accross it, under no circumstances, eat at Nunjo's. Italian, but some of the worst food I've eaten in my life.

      House of Soul Hours of Operation: Tues-Thurs: 11:30 am - 10 pm Fri: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm Sat 12:30 pm - 12:00 am Closed Sun-Mon


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        Below is a link I posted on A Heavenly Taste. It's pretty good but nowhere near the waterfront (haven't gotten out to House Of Soul for comparison purposes, but HoS isn't that close to the waterfront either.)

        Like rw said, downtown/historic Vallejo is somewhat dead on Sundays. However, an option you might want to try is Georgia Street Grill, which has some Chamorro (Guamanian) selections along some better than average American fare and good-sized portions to boot. They're also very family friendly, judging from my visits there.

        Sunday would be their marinated pork rib day, where they grill on an outdoor BBQ.

        I did get to sample one of their regular Chamorro items recently: the shrimp patties. I guess it sorta' has crab cake consistency and tastewise it wasn't bad, but it's not something that I'd order again.

        Heavenly Taste Posting

        Georgia Street Grill Info

    2. ate at georgia street grill on sunday. ribs were very good. service amazing. knowing it was my birthday, they threw in three appetizer dishes for the six of us. the corn empanadas and smoked chicken/cocnut dip were superb. the cake was truly among the best i have ever eaten- absolutely feather light, applesauce walnut with a rum whipped cream nut frosting. not too sweet and delightful. apparently they have a baker who comes in several times a week and bakes their cakes.
      the ferry from sf was practically empty and was a great way to sightsee the bay. walking around downtown vallejo (sunday is deserted) was interesting especially the victorian section on the hill. i recommend this as a day trip. think about sat. when they have a farmers market till 1 in the closed off downtown area or wed from 4-7 when they have the market plus music. enjoy.

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        Very verrrrry late response (under my new moniker no less) but I'm glad you liked the Georgia St. Grill. The service has always been friendly and helpful the times I've been there and I'm glad they made you feel at home as well

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          That you JoJoA?

          If you haven't done it yet, you might want to add your name to Melanie's post so your old fans won't miss you ... although other than you, me and Melanie, there's not a lot of Vallejo reporting going on so EVENTUALLY I'd figure it out. However, your SF groupies might not recognize you.

          Ditto for me. Sorry for the late response due to software changes. Just catching up on my own reading.

          Thanks for the update and feedback on your trip. As mentioned, Vallejo doesn't get the love it deserved. One poster was known to dis the city. The nerve.

          I really want to try georgia street grill, although it was high on my Vallejo list (not that's NOT a joke ... there are a few places like House of Soul I want to try).

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            Hey rw - yep, it's me in new clothing! Thanks for letting me know about that thread

            Looking forward to getting out and delving more come August - the diet gets pretty boring when you're training for a marathon :)