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Nov 30, 2007 08:47 AM

Clearance food items at Williams Sonoma

At the Williams Sonoma in the Valleyfair shopping center (San Jose/Santa Clara), they have a bunch of their seasonal food items on super marked down clearance. Pumpkin pecan butter for $1.99, spiced vanilla butter for $2.99, cranberry relish for $1.99, pumpkin bread mix for $1.99. Most of these were $9+ originally, so it's a real bargain hunter's delight. I just had the pumpkin butter stirred into my oatmeal this morning -- yum!

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  1. I just made the Vanilla Spice Bread this morning and it's very good, actually better than I thought it would be. I bought it in downtown SF, however, and it was $4.99 (marked down from $10.50). Do different Williams Sonoma stores have different prices?

    I also bought a large jar of whole chestnuts that was marked way down. Will be good for making soup.

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      I didn't see a Vanilla Spice Bread, just the Vanilla Spice Butter, which seems to basically be spiced dulce de leche (the main ingredient is condensed milk).

      It wouldn't surprise me if they had different prices on their marked down items at different stores, probably depending on how much of them they have to move.

      Oh yes, the chestnuts. I bought a jar of them too.

    2. at those prices they are worth it. at their regular prices, its amazing anybody buys any food items there. the place is ridiculous .

      1. Thanks for the tip Karen! I wonder if the one in Hillsdale has the same deals. Guess I'll have to go and check it out :).