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Nov 30, 2007 08:43 AM

Quality Street Chocolates

This past week I bought a tin of Quality Street Chocolates and Caramels at World Market thinking the chocolate and caramel would be creamy and soft. It turns out neither are creamy and both are more-or-less hard/stale. Does anyone know if the candy is supposed to be this way? I thought it would be the equivalent of See's candy in the US, but it seems more like Whitman's...


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  1. Every time I eat Quality Street, it is as you describe, hard caramels and chocolates. I also don't think the chocolate is really high quality. I like them, but they aren't the best ever, and I tend to eat them when i get them as gifts or if they happen to be around. I don't usually choose to buy them myself. I don't know Whitman's at all, but I think I get your drift, and yes they are probably closer to whitman's.

    1. When I lived in Britain, that's the impression I got--that they were roughly equivalent to Whitman's or Russel Stover. They were sold in similar places and seemed to fit in that niche in terms of quality and price. You'd probably find them fresher over there, but they're not a premium brand.

      1. After trying Quality Street Chocolates, I vowed never to buy them again. They were a great disappointment to me and they seemed stale and cheap. The chocolate used did not taste rich or good quality at all.

        1. Thanks for the feedback regarding Quality Street. At least I know it wasn't just me.

          1. we used to enjoy qs very much - my husband's parents would bring them to us from england. however the last few batches we received were as you described. I don't know what they changed, but it isn't the same.