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What side to serve with fishcakes?

I am making the fishcakes from one of my favorite (obscure) cookbooks, The Cafe Brenda Cookbook, that combines red snapper or cod with potatoes, and calls for serving the cakes with different sauces, including spicy apricot chutney and a curry mayo. My question is: since there are potatoes in the cakes, I want a different side dish--ideas? I was thinking I would do a kale salad, but need something else, too...

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  1. I've eaten at Cafe Brenda! My first thought was a fennel bulb coleslaw. How about a red pepper soup? Carrots with ginger might be a nice fit.

    1. whenever I ate fishcakes as a kid, we had them with mashed potatoes and green peas. Therefore, I would suggest green peas - by themself or perhaps with mint and thinly sliced red onion that has been pan-fried.

      Sounds like a nice recipe for the fishcakes - would you be able to paraphrase here?
      Kale salad sounds great too.

      edited to add - another good side would be a mango salad.

      I have another idea - I made an edamame hummus a couple times recently - just shelled edamame, tahini, lemon/lime juice, spices whirred together. Delicious and simple and I think it would be a nice side with the fish cakes. Maybe with a little flat bread of some sort.

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        That's what I was thinking ... are you *allowed* to eat them without peas?

      2. Since you are having chutney and curry mayo you can serve ketchup as a side.

        Remember as Reagan taught us - it's a vegetable.

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          Go to your room Frank.
          With fish cakes, the only side dishes you ought to consider is a simple slaw, applesauce, some lemon slices, and just maybe some homemade baked beans.

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            Classic. And there's dinner. That's exactly what I'd serve.

        2. First choice would be sweet potatoe french fries.
          Given the potato dilema, i would do butternut squash.

          1. It doesn't seem to go with your side sauces, but I thought I should throw in that the classic New England pairing, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, is fish cakes and beans. Baked beans, Boston-style. It's on many a Friday-night dinner table, and available year-round in diners and small-town restaurants.

            1. Lately we've been really enjoying our stash of crabcakes with soup, different I know, but along the same lines anyway. We usually have a butternut squash soup with yogurt and cilantro and lime, alongside the crabcakes with an asian inspired dipping sauce. Nice in the cold weather too.

              1. My first inclination is to say spaghetti w/tomato (it wasn't called marinara sauce 40 yrs ago)sauce. I like majing a sauce of japanese mayo w/tobiko and sometimes a bit of mango chutney.

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                  Fish cakes and sketty! Shades of elementary school cafeteria, EVERY Friday.

                2. With fishcakes, I'd like to have a textural contrast...something a little crunchy.

                  Like a broccoli slaw? (A friend makes a fabulous one, with...not sure...sunflower seeds or something like that. It has a mild vinaigrette dressing, not the creamy type.) Wish I had the recipe.

                  I often make for dinner a simple slaw from broccoli stems, carrots, celery...sometimes parsnips if I have them. I cut them into matchsticks, saute in a little EVOO, add a splash of sherry, red wine or balsamic vinegar (whatever goes with dinner; I'd like Sherry vinegar with matchsticks, or here in New England, we use malt vinegar on the chips in fish & chips)...plus spices or herbs compatible with the entree. Sometimes I toss in some chopped nuts or seeds. Cook to al dente. Quick and easy, healthful and colorful. I like the left-overs cold, too.

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                    great suggestions! I like the idea of the textural contrast...the kale salad will provide both textural and color variety, so I think I will go along the lines of gingered carrots or sweet potatoes!

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                      Mmm, and I could go along with you on those gingered carrots! I know it might be prudent to see what the sauce on the fishsticks is first, but...ginger in any form with carrots...anytime, I'll throw caution to the winds.

                      I like to simmer them in a good quality ginger ale sometimes, and then season them with a dab of butter and a dose of spicy heat (e.g. a littleThai red curry paste and three or four pulverized cloves).

                  2. Okay, as one who ate home made fish cakes on many a night in the 50's I must confess that the requisite side dish in my grammy's kitchen was (gulp) meatless Franco American Spaghetti. Those were the days when it only was made in long strings, no alphabets, o's, goldfish shapes... just long tangly spaghetti. What were we thinking?

                    1. I like rice with carrots, corn and of course peas and seems to go well with fishcakes just toss like you would a sald before serving