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Nov 30, 2007 08:20 AM

Dinner for 2 tonight near 9th and C--No waiting!

I'm in the mood for delicious food of any stripe and NOT in the mood to fight crowds. Is there anyplace in the East Village that is worth its salt and not jam-packed every Friday night around 7:30?

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  1. Cafecito on 11 and C for great Cuban
    Royale on 10 and C for great burgers in a pub atmosphere

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    1. re: princeofpork

      We went to Cafecito--just squeaked in before the rush. We were very pleased with the atmosphere, and the food was good. I got pork, she got shrimp; very fresh ingredients and good presentation. Negatives: a tad under-seasoned for my taste, and $3.50 for a can of seltzer somewhat annoying. But overall a good go-to for the circumstances, and points for authenticity. Would consider it a solid option. Thanks for the rec.

    2. Kasadela on 11th near C, tasty Japanese/Izakaya.

      1. I Coppi is on 9th, very good and not usually a major wait but it is between 1st and A. It's worth the extra bit of a walk.

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        1. re: hungry_fox

          I agree that I Coppi's food is very good. We've only been there during the summer and sat in the back garden both times. But you have to pass through the restaurant to get there, and the interior is very inviting. They accept reservations.