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Nov 30, 2007 08:07 AM

What's good at Rosemary's?

I'm running the Las Vegas marathon on Sunday and have reservations at Rosemary's for the post-race binge. What have people enjoyed there? Saturday night I'm eschewing the carb loading in favor of Memphis Championship BBQ since I can never have enough ribs.

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  1. I have been there so many times and literally have only been dissapointed in one thing and it was a special so I think you are safe. As far as appetizers I love the Barbeque shrimp appetizer ..it seems simple but its delicious, I am not a scallop person but I found myself wanting to eat the whole plate of my dining partners appetizer once so thats a good choice and the parmesean souffle was amazing-- seriously I think I have all the apps except the one with goat cheese and they were all great. THe pumpkin soup if they have it is stellar too. As far as main dishes I love the Veal , the Pork and the Flat Iron and every friend who loves tuna raves about the tuna dish. I gotta say the Lamb was good but no my faveorite choice and I love the steak that they added. Dessert the Apple tart and the Coconut Bread Pudding are my faveorites-- the Goat cheese cheesecake makes me gag but then again I hate goat cheese and in all my foodie expeditions I just can't get passed it.

    1. Pretty simple at Rosemary's... it it looks good to you, you will love it.

      I'm with Justjenn in that the Hugo's BBQ Shrimp is a must have. And I too have only had 1 dish that didn't wow in countless visits.

      The Coconut Bread Pudding and Lemon Pudding Cake desserts are both outstanding.

      1. I'm very fond of the salmon tartare appetizer, in fact I can't seem to get away from it. All the mains I have had have been delightful - these include scallops, halibut, lamb chops (very lamby), hangar steak. I *LOVE* their House Manhattan made with Knob Creek bourbon, if you're into that kind of thing. The first time we went I had the goat cheese cheesecake for dessert and it was superb, but on a subsequent visit I didn't like it as much for some reason. I haven't really found a favorite dessert, in fact the last couple of times I was so full (just doing the 3-course prix fixe) that I opted for an ice cream assortment, ice cream is my favorite dessert anyway. We're going Wednesday so maybe I'll try the coconut bread pudding, that sounds really good.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. Everything was outstanding. We had the prosciutto wrapped figs, walnut soup, wilted spinach salad, and the duck salad for openers. Mains were a really difficult choice but we finally had salmon and the flatiron steak. Everything was outstanding just as predicted. The service was absolutely top notch, gracious with being intrusive. You might be interested to know that Rosemary's is also the top rated beer snob destination in Las Vegas, and I can see why with the selection and the suggested pairings. If I had not been flying out this morning I would have done the tasting menu with the beer pairings.

          One more note of interest. The cab driver said that we were the third fare he'd had out there that weekend. He hadn't had one in the previous 3 months. He also said that he used to eat there occasionally when if first opened (and was even less expensive) and that it always been good.

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            Walnut soup? Nummy! Don't know that one, but the other 3 appies you enjoyed are indeed stellar.

            And nice to hear from a brew fan...that is indeed another top-notch aspect. When you return and do the beer pairing, request a beer sundae for the dessert course.

            Mine was a warmed cherry lambic over a couple of scoops of housemade milk chocolate ice cream. Fabulous...

            And I hope you meant "without" being intrusive?

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              Without intrusion it was meant to be. Thanks for catching that.

              I didn't notice the beer sundae on the menu. Is it a by request item or was I just overwhelmed by the time I got to dessert?

              I was also told that last night was the last night for figs as they are going out of season. Our reservation was at 6 and they were almost out by then.

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                Beer sundae is not a menu item. I was treated to one when I took my mom there for her 70th birthday and it knocked my socks off. So glad you got in on the figs... what an amazing dish.