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Nov 30, 2007 08:07 AM

Fall Salmon dish for dinner party

I'm having 10 folks over for dinner tomorrow night. I have this fabulous salmon that my food broker friend gave us so salmon is the main ingredient. I need some help in making our seafood only guests and our meat lovers feel like they have had a hearty fall dinner. What you you do?

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  1. Maybe a hearty side dish like risotto or a pasta?

    1. There is a wonderful dish in the Aquavit cookbook for Artic Char, but I've done it with salmon too. You crust the fish with freshly shredded horseradish, and then serve the individual servings in soup bowls with curried carrot mussels around them.

      1. In Molly Stevens All About Braising there is a recipe for Pinot Noir Braised Salmon that's really lovely. It's a favorite in our house and I"ve served it several times for dinner parties. Always gets very positive comments from meat and fish lovers alike.