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Nov 30, 2007 07:57 AM

In need of Sandwich Guidance

I am looking for a great place for sandwiches that has a good range of sandwichees and not just the normal roast beef or ham and cheese, something more on the gourmet side. I really am looking for someplace that has great bread, possibly from Sullivan St. or someplace similiar and that offers whole wheat bread as an option.

Would prefer west side b/t 90th and 21st, but am open to other areas if it's great. Can be takeout or sitdown as well.


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  1. Lenny's definitely has variety, is efficient and fresh. I have never been a been a big fan of their bread, though; especially the club and hero sizes. They do carry the classic hard roll, but I don't think that is what you are looking for.
    Its hard to find a good sandwich in this town, unlike Westchester, where I grew up, and the delis where fantastic.

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      I literally get lunch from Lenny's everyday, and, honestly, I find their sandwiches to be so overrated. To me, that place is a deli, nothing else. Good for a quick lunch.

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        I agree Lenny's is not phenomenal, but I think it's better than most delis in NYC. Sandwiches are made to order, and they offer toppings (e.g., avocado) that lots of delis don't.

    2. Get thee to Lamazou. It's out of your preferred location (on Lex btwn 26th & 27th), but it has a delicious array of gourmet sandwiches, and the bread is excellent. Plus, most days, a 1/2 sandwich is plenty for me, so it's cheap, especially considering the quality of ingredients.
      Takeout only--it's really a cheese shop that does sandwiches. Here are my favorites on the sandwich list:
      #1, Caprice--on ciabatta
      #2, Lamazou favorite--on ciabatta with pesto
      #8, Parisian--on baguette with Brie, dijon mustard, and lettuce
      #16, Lamoretti--on multigrain ciabatta with cornichons, ask him to put a little dijon and a little horseradish--yum!

      You can of course make up your own sandwiches too--they have a wide selection of cheeses and meats, incl. duck, pates, sausages, etc. Some of the soups are also quite good.

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        I remember reading a post about lamazou a while ago and forgot about it. The menu looks great. It's a bit far from where I am going to be, but that is certainly one to keep in mind for when I am in murray hill. That is definitely the kind of place I am shooting for.

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          Yeah, I'm lucky to have it near my office. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I don't know your part of town all that well.
          I have not been here, but I've read about this place, which is closer to you:

      2. The UES has some excellent sandwich choices: Marché Madison at Madison & 74th...Payard at Lexington & 74th...Via Quadranno at Madison & 73rd...all of these offer very high quality at commensurate prices...MM is takeout only...

        1. Maybe Alidoro? It's Italian but they have a nice variety within that spectrum. Not sure about wheat, but they offer several types of top notch bread. Also Sandwich Planet, though I think they, too, focus on Italian offerings.

          1. Salumeria Biellese, Faicco's, Despana, Alidoro, Bread, 'wichcraft and Blue Ribbon Bakery are my go to "sammy" places (damn you Rachel Ray for putting that into the vernacular).