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Nov 30, 2007 07:54 AM

Harrah's Range Steakhouse

Hello! Has anyone been to Harrah's Range Steakhouse who can offer a review? I travel to Vegas 4-5 times a year and I have been to most of the other on and off strip steakhouses ( I have found Austin's in Texas Station the best). I've read good things in Frommer's about the Range, but they don't update their reviews often.

Thanks for any information that anyone can offer.

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  1. I went this summer. Was very underwhelmed. The menu looked great.. We tried the crab dip with pita and soft pretzels...not much crab or taste for that matter. Steaks were just fair...not bad...just not memorable, or a quality like other steaks I've had in Las Vegas. Not nearly as good as The Palm or N9Ne (at the Palms), Capital Grille or Smith & name 4...and far below my Las Vegas favorite, Del Friscos. However, the price is just about identical ($35-$45 for a steak) a la carte sides. Service was nothing special. It does enjoy a strip view...but all I remember seeing was the buses with billboards passing by all night...and a hordes of cars and traffic. With all the great choices in town, I wouldn't make any effort to go back.

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      Thanks for info Steve. I have heard good things about Del Friscos. Maybe I will try that one.

      Thanks again.

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        I'm going to echo Steve's sentiment's here, I was at the Range last Nov and was very underwhelmed. I don't remember the prices being too astronomical for a Vegas steakhouse, but nothing about the meal was memorable. I remember ordering the filet special topped w/dungeness crab and ended up sending it back because the steak was overcooked (med well vs. med rare). Would not waste my money again...

        OTOH, I have also been to Del Friscos in Vegas and loved it - we had the cellar room reserved and our own servers - everything was top-notch and I wouldn't hesitate to return.

        1. re: azhotdish

          I think you guys have me convinced to skip The Range and hit Del Friscos. I will make my reservations today!!

          Thanks again.

          1. re: frizbee

            Terrific. Have a great time and please come back and let us know how you like it.