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Nov 30, 2007 07:53 AM

Forgive me for asking, but I need help on picky eaters!!!

So we are trying to get together for a celebration with Mom the 29th and 30th of this month. My sister has agreed we'll do the Rockettes, but reminded me that "her girls" don't like anything fancy schmancy. They have very basic tastes.

How is it possible that my neices have no pallette, and that my sister encourages this?

So I am desperate to find a celabratory place for dinner that will not intimidate. With Mom it would be simple, she adored Grammercy Tavern and any other haunt we have taken her. But with the frugal 4 joining us with a pallete for chicken parm, pasta and chicken fingers, I'm at a loss. Definately need to broaden their horizons in a safe place that won't make them uncomfortable, but will still impress mama.

Thank you everyone for any ideas. I'm even willing to cab to Grammercy Tavern for a cocktail to celebrate, but that's as far as that would go. Still need to eat!

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  1. Oh, by the way we are a party of 7.

    1. Have you considered Telepan? Very simple and delicious cooking, but not at all pretentious. There are probably some more adventurous things on the menu, but there are definitely safer options. One of the house specialties is scrapple, so that should tell you something about the attitude. It is, however, a very nice, celebratory kind of place.

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        1. Hmmm. What if you go to Gramercy Taven for a drink and then go to MetroCafe and Wine Bar to eat afterward. They are big enough to accomadate 7 (with big tables right at the front window so you can people watch and not be near the other patrons), and they have everything from an awesome mac and cheese, pizza and burgers for the kids and steak, salmon etc for the adults. They also have flights of wine which could be fun for your sister and mom.

          Good Luck!

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            Thanks for the suggestions. I will bookmark them. From boston, and had friends go to Bristol Lounge/4seasons before a show for burgers and fab food. Any hotel lounges comparable to Bristol in NYC that has killer service, sofa, piano atmosphere with good if pricey food?

            Thanks one and all!

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              Compass should fill the bill nicely.

              1. re: idia

                Compass looks fantastic. May not work with this group, but I will definately keep in mind for a spring trip to the city! Thanks

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