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Bon Appetit or Gourmet Magazine Subscription?

Hi all,

Amazon is offering a free subscription to Gourmet, Bon Appetit, or Domino with an order over $25 from Home and Garden Store. I already get Domino, so I was wondering which of these two mags should I pick up.

I would prefer a mag that offers more cooking advice, recipes than Restaurant reviews, although restaurant recipes would be great. I've read that Gourmet is more about dining out.

Any thoughts from you all?



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  1. Whichever one you do not choose you can find a subscription for on Ebay for about $5 per year.

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      Jfood, you are a treasure. I had no idea this existed. My magazine addiction is loving the prices I'm finding on ebay.

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        Word to the wise:

        - makes ure your mail box is big enough to handle the "deals' you see. jfood gets lots now
        - you will stumble across some unscrupulous sellers that advertise for three years and only input for 1-year (happened to jfood w Architectural Digest)
        - immediately place feedback on the site that "I will place input after 1 issue received." what happenes is one is happy when they get the confirming email and then wait the 10-12 weeks and then nothing. Then when you try to put a negative comment it's too late. Grab a placeholder

        In the 15 magazines jfood has order the bad only happened once (ok not so bad one year of Arch Digest for $10) but it was supposed to be three. Others have been great.

    2. If you're looking for real addvice on food, skip 'em both and get Fine Cooking and/or Cooks' Illustrated

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        I TOTALLY agree. I get all the magazines, but at the end of the day, the recipes and articles folded over in Fine Cooking, Cooks, and Cooking LIght far exceed those in Gourmet and Bon Appetit. I read Gourmet for Ruth Reichl. The rest I read simply to be up to speed and not miss trends.

      2. (Sorry about that)...that's not to say that you have to be an expert to cook anything in Gourmet, but I think that you will find more global recipes than in Bon Appetit. I enjoy them both.

        1. I've been buying both on a fairly regular basis over the years and I've probably made more of the recipes from Bon Appetit but used Gourmet more for restaurant research when I'm travelling and to read about various food related issues. You can get most of the recipes for both magazines off of epicurious.com, which makes it easier than trying to remember what back issue a particular recipe was in. I agree that Fine Cooking and Cook's Illustrated are better for teaching techniques and tips but Bon Appetit and Gourmet are both enjoyable reads, depending on your interests.

          1. I prefer Gourmet. Plenty of recipes, and other info is a good read, w/ Ruch Reichl as editor in chief.
            I find Bon Appetit more plebian, and uses cans more than Gourmet.
            Cook's Illustrated drives me nuts! There is only One Right Way to Cook a Dish. Takes all the joy out of cooking, IMO.

            ecookbooks.com (jessica's biscuit, a real brick and mortar bookstore in Mass.) offers free magazine subscriptions. I found their prices and service -- especially speedy delivery at regular prices -- to be superior to Amazon.

            1. I'm another one for Gourmet which is a bit better written. "Gourmet" seems like it written for people who not only enjoy cooking but also restaurants and often features recipes from those restaurants. Also, just the format and how Gourmet is laid out is a lot more visually appealing. For some reason, "Bon Appetit" seems like a housewife sort of magazine. In fact, I'm sometimes embarrassed to buy a copy as the cover pictures are sometimes too cutesy rather than food appealing.

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                anlyone have a link to the old calvin trillin article on chez l ami louis from 2005? thanks.

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                  I would agree the writing is much better in Gourmet, plus they have a nice section on Kitchen tips at the back that gives good information on techniques and ingredients with pictures. I also agree that Bon Appetit's layout looks like a big advertisement, it is hard to tell which are the articles and which are the ads. I would say that the recipes in BA are well tested and easy to follow. I often find great recipes in BA (at least one per issue) that taste great and are easy to make. Gourmet's recipes are usually fussier and less successful. The ingredients are sometimes hard for a home cook to find, and sometimes the ingredient combinations are a bit odd like they are trying to be too cute and original). So I still get both. I love reading Gourmet. I love the recipes in BA.

                2. I think Gourmet is a bit better, but had both for years anyway. Now I stopped buying them, and only use www.epicurios.com. Still get the recipes, but don't have all the paper lying around.

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                    I agree with polish girl. I got both for years--and adore both, but now just use the website. It was mistyped in the above post, however. The correct site address is www.epicurious.com. I say you can't go wrong with either one, but Gourmet's covers are so beautiful, I've actually considered framing some and hanging as kitchen decor. Have not ruled that out yet, matter of fact :).

                  2. I got the same offer from Amazon. I have never seen Domino magazine but have in the past received both Gourmet and B.A. Do you recommend Domino? What's it all about? How does it differ from the others? Thanks.

                    1. I got the same offer from Amazon. I have never seen Domino magazine but have in the past received both Gourmet and B.A. I don't receive either at the moment, but get their recipes from Epicurious. I agree with others that Cooks Illustrated is better for technique, but I don't have a lot of time for cooking right now. Given that these are free subscriptions, which would you recommend? Not having seen Domino, I can't decide. Do you recommend Domino? What's it all about? How does it differ from the others? Thanks.

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                        I really like Domino, but it is not a food magazine. It is more of an interior designing/entertaining magazine, with cooking as one of its elements. It's particularly great if you're looking to redecorate your house/apartment, and want to add some modern elements, as it does have abit of a Midcentury Modern slant to its design preferences. You can check out a feel for it at www.dominomag.com

                      2. Thanks for all the suggestions! It looks like if I want better writing and a nicer designed magazine, I should go with Gourmet.

                        1. Of the two, I think Gourmet has more of what you're looking for. Another magazine you might like is Cuisine at Home. It focuses on technique and also has some great recipes and no ads. It's published six times a year, so you're not overloaded.

                          1. A year ago, I got one-year subscription to Gourmet as part of a promotion. I think it cost me $12.95. I was VERY disappointed with it. The photography is good, but the articles are so pretentious that I didn't even bother reading them. The recipes I looked at were either overly time-consuming or uninteresting. I found myself flipping through each issue in about 4 minutes.

                            I can't comment on Bon Appetit; haven't even looked at it in 15 years. Don't know what Domino is.


                            1. Bon Appetit is mostly about menus for entertaining; Gourmet is more about FOOD. Our primary food magazine is Saveur. We were given the same choice you were, and chose to stay closer to our main focus, which is food and food culture.