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Nov 30, 2007 07:29 AM

Avoid Iron Cactus Brunch!!

I was there for a date a few Sunday's back (North location). Wow. I had no idea that brunch could be that bad. Admittedly, I stayed away from the carving table but the staple breakfast dishes, waffles, fr. toast, eggs, etc. were stale and tasteless. The 'featured fish' salmon fillet was airline (coach) grade. The wait staff was rude but the guys making the omelette's were friendly, if a bit hungover. The brunch is expensive ($18) and should be shut down. Another example of horrible food in Austin that somehow gets good WOM. Ugh. Next time I'll try Luby's.

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  1. Hey, go easy on Luby's! Any native Texan worth his/her salt knows that Luby's is an institution (it's the source of LuAnn Platter's name on King of The Hill for goodness sakes). It may not be the best but I have fond memories of eating there on "shopping day" with my mother as a child and it was the only restaurant my father-in-law could tolerate when he was fighting cancer. It may be a chain and feature gut food, but to working class Texans all over the state, it taste like home (and the mac and cheese isn't to shabby).