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Nov 30, 2007 07:26 AM

African restaurants near BAM?

In looking at past discussions about where to eat near BAM, there were a couple references to a Senegalese restaurant called Keur N'Dye. But I couldn't find any further discussion of the food. Anyone been there recently? Or is it better to take a long walk to Joloff? Going to BAM tonight and would like to check out one of these places after the performance.


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  1. Also add Madiba to your mix, which is solid South African food just a short walk away.

    1. Keur N'Dye is either closed or closing.

      1. Madiba is a fun place but their food is only OK, and not particularly authentic (although I think that is mostly a function of sourcing ingredients). It is also pretty expensive for what it is even if not very expensive relative to some other restaurants. A much better bet for good african influenced food but with classically trained french underpinnings can be found at Abistro:

        Very friendly couple runs the place and it is BYOB

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          Second abistro. It's not far from BAM and a really different and delicious place. You can pick up a bottle of wine at the greene grape nearby.

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            third for abistro. just went there a few weeks ago and was really impressed.