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Covered patios?

Are there any bars or eateries in Austin with covered patios, where you can enjoy a rainy day while having a meal? If they are dog friendly, that would be even better!

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  1. The Cedar Door downtown has at least a partially covered patio, and it's dog friendly. They also serve food, but I've never tried it.

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      I can now calrify: there is a segment of patio (about 6 tables) with a roof, and when it rains, they have some protective vinyl screens to shield you from the water. Most of the patio is uncovered though.

    2. Guero's on South Congress has a small patio that allows dogs. Not the greatest Tex-Mex in town, but great people watching!

      1. Vin on Kirby Lane and Fino both have covered patios. Not sure on the dogs.

        1. These venues have al fresco dining or bar menu service:
          Don't know about the dogs, but I imagine this would be difficult at the better places.

          Mansion on Judges Hill
          Vin Bistro
          Vespaio Enoteca
          1886 Café
          South Congress Cafe
          Shoal Creek Saloon
          Thai Tara
          Hula Hut
          Mother Egans
          Dog and Duck

          1. Sazon has a nice little covered patio, and pretty darn good chow.

            1. Juan in a Million, 2300 E Cesar Chavez - Nice covered patio, great variety of music, heavy plastic walls and space heaters for those cold days, open 7 days from 7am-3pm, probably not dog-friendly as only entrance is through restaurant but call 472-3872 and ask.

              1. and there is also the Crown & Anchor. Decent burgers, really good fries, covered deck, various sorts of beer, but dogs- don't know.

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                  As far as I know Crown & Anchor is dog friendly. You will run into a big grad student crowd there, though. Don't know if that is exactly the atmosphere you are looking for. But their burger and fries are surprisingly good and cheap.

                2. Ski Shores Waterfront Cafe on Lake Austin is dog friendly as long as they remain on the leash. Amazing burgers and good fries. Fried okra is yummy too and the pizzas aren't bad. I think there's something called the Border Burger that my whole family loves. Ski shores has a small covered patio but it is right on the lake so you might avoid if it's really stormy and I think they probably even shut down in heavy rain since the majority of seating is outside. It's a tiny place and usually crowded in the summer so be prepared to wait a little for your order if you go then. Right now they are most likely in off-season hours which are Thurs-Sunday.