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Nov 30, 2007 06:31 AM

Holiday Cocktail Party - Ham or Tenderloin

Which would you prefer to serve alongside several app's (spanikopita, shrimp ctail, salami crisps, mini crabcakes, spicy nuts, parm. walnut salad in endive, etc. etc.) beef tenderloin sliced thinly w/horseradish cream or something similar, or spiral sliced ham w/mustards, chutney - both with small rolls? I am going for elegant, so I was leaning toward tenderloin, but ham just tastes yummy even after sitting on buffet for a few hours! TIA for your opinions.

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  1. If you are going for elegant, I would make the tenderloin. Since you already have salty spicey things, the tenderloin will be more neutral.

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    1. re: rumple

      I agree that tenderloin would be more complementary to your menu. And yes, small rolls along side. Potato rolls would be tasty.

    2. Yes, your apps seem upscale. When I think ham (which I LOVE), I would gear toward potato/creamy apps, rolls, cheeses.
      The tenderloin goes better with the the other. Plus, everyone loves tenderloin. You could two smaller pieces of meat and have both

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        Thanks! I decided tenderloin and I'll make a fondue w/bread and chunks of ham for dipping. Another quick question - should I make the tenderloin and slice in advance, or finish roasting and slice during party? Obviously earlier is easier, but will it taste "almost" as good? Also, are potato rolls something I can purchase at market or must they be homemade? I am not a good baker, so I need store bought ideas. I have TJs locally; they probably have something, yes? THX

        1. re: sillysully

          You can get potato rolls just about anywhere. Look for Orowheat, or other name brands, maybe even in-store bakeries have them - many do.

          I don't think it would hurt to have it pre-sliced and served at room temperature.

          1. re: sillysully

            room temp is fine for tenderloin.
            Party sounds yummy!