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Nov 30, 2007 05:19 AM

Elixir WRJ ... what happened ?

I had friends that went the other night who said the food was so different-
I thought it was chef owned? I hope this isn't true they had a good thing going!

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  1. Hey Professor, long time no see.
    I hear Chef Robb and Ami have left Elixir.
    Not sure why or who the new chef is yet.
    I'll let you know if I find out.

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    1. re: JOronte

      I've been away and found out recently about this I thought they were part owners(?)
      Too bad the food was very good - I hope they find another gig soon.

      1. re: professorbeezer

        I thought they were part owners too. They did make very good food.
        Today I heard something about them and the old Como Va spot.

        1. re: JOronte

          ohh what a triangle in WRJ that would make ... tip top/como va/ elixir.
          My friends went to night to E and said they would never go back because of the food- that bad. And this used to be one of their favorites

          1. re: professorbeezer

            That's too bad the food is suffering now with the new chef. I hear that the Tip Top is still going strong. Maybe something good will move into the old Como Va spot. I hope Elixit can turn it around.

    2. I had heard that they had left.

      I have also heard from other business owners on the block that the Como Va space is becoming an upscale coffee shop.

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      1. re: kaszeta

        Hi Kaszeta......Haven't seen you here for a while. I haven't heard the coffee shop rumor yet. Maybe that will fit in there. I love your pictures on Flickr. Also your food blogs. We have a mutual friend.......The original owner of a certain vintage clothing store not too far from Como Va.

        1. re: JOronte

          Nice to see all of us chatting again why doesn't some one buy the old Polka Dot and make that a cool upscale coffee shop? Save time and $ and recycle a great WRJ fixture?

          1. re: professorbeezer

            I heard today that Eric from Tip Top is going to open an upscale type coffee shop in the old Como Va spot.

            1. re: professorbeezer

              Myself, I rather like the Polka Dot as it is. We need more diners... :)

              1. re: kaszeta

                I would like to see a diner near downtown Lebanon.

                1. re: kaszeta

                  We absolutly do - I just meant because it's for sale and I heard that the owners health is failing...

                2. re: professorbeezer

                  I havent heard anything about a coffee shop? but I think that would be a great
                  addition to White River Junction, I'm excited!

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. i worked with rob when he was the executive chef at Canoe Clubin Hanover. H wasdoing some good things,I wonder wherehim and amy areheaded to next.