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Nov 30, 2007 05:00 AM

best french onion soup in Chester Co.

My absolute favorite winter soup is French Onion, who makes a great crock?

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  1. The best French onion soup EVER was made by my mom. Customary nepotistic sentiments aside, my mom was a student of Madeleine Kamman's during her brief and legendary sojourn at the Cheltenham High Adult School in the early 70's. I still have all of Madeleine's mimeographed recipes. If I can find it, and if it is still readable, maybe you can serve the best French onion soup in Chester County. Backchannel me.

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      I'd love that recipe. Could you post it for the benefit of all of us? I have a favorite recipe for FOS from Bon Apetit that I have altered which is wonderful, but would love to see your mothers. FOS is a favorite of mine and I am a bit of a snob about it. A friend had me for dinner recetly and made FOS. She's a great cook, but her soup tasted like dishwater compared to mine. Naturally, I did not tell her, but I thrrew away the take home soup she gave me as it wasn't worth keeping.
      Not sure how to 'backchannel' you, so I am posting here. Thank you!

    2. While I've had both delicious AND mediocre meals at Twin Bays Cafe in Phoenixville, I will say that they serve a decent french onion soup. What makes it memorable, IMO, is the addition of apples. Yum.

      1. best onion soup is Riverstone in Exton. I love the puff pastry on top... YUM!

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          Yeah, I gotta agree with that assessment. Traveled quite a bit back in the day and enjoyed my fair share of French Onion. Lucky enough to live a few minutes away from Riverstone...

          Also try Cosimo over in Malvern, sometimes they run it too. Really good new Chef over there, came on board about a year ago (I think??

        2. Well, I tried Riverstone's French Onion Soup today and was disappointed. It looked great but the puff pastry was soggy almost raw tasting on the unside and it lacked that curnchy cheesy top layer and the soup has a sweet onion flavor - lacking the beefy & rich caramelized onion flavor I love. The cesare salad was half soggy lettuce not cold & crunchy too. But, the good news is the crabcake was AWESOME, one of the best around here.
          So far my favorites are sovana bistro's in kennett square. And The Whip Tavern in Unionville's English Cheddar Onion Soup. Both are excellent!!
          I'll have to keep looking guys, thanks for the input. Keby

          1. Check out the French Onion soup at The Blue Pear, next to The Dilworthtown Inn (same owner). Very good.

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              Thanks! Great idea, I love Dilworthtown Inn's food - ALWAYS quality and consistent. What else did you have there that you'd reccomend? And are they doing lunch yet, I think they planned to eventually.