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Pittsburgh Nutrolls

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Has anyone found a bakery that makes really good nutrolls for the holidays? Thanks in advance.

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  1. My husband does! He sold some at a recent craft show. If interested email me at fyremonksgal@msn.com. We live in Murrysville.......near PIttsburgh.

    1. Try the Oakmont Bakery. They've won all sorts of awards inc. Peoples' Choice ones. Phenomenal goodies - inc. their "attitude cupcakes", which are more than worth the $2 each that they cost. Place was so packed day before Thanksgiving that they had to put the machine with tickets (for taking turns) outside the bakery. GOOD nutroll - only thing I don't buy there are the pies. Like my own better.


      1. There is a small family company in Butler that makes nutrolls all year. www.dominicsdesserts.com

        1. The Post Gazette wrote an article a few years ago:

          I've had the Pasteries-A-La-Carte before...they're pretty good.

          1. The best I've ever had are made by a couple in Swissvale. You call them, they make you nut rolls in their home ovens (Thanksgiving and Christmas only). Made from a secret family recipe of Croation origin. They won't give me the recipe. Eight or $9 per roll. The best. E-mail me at jjcrisanti@hotmail.com if you want the contact details.

            1. The best nut, apricot and poppyseed rolls I've had are from Bubba's HomeBaked at www.bubbarolls.com. Been eating them for years!

              1. There is a place in McKees Rocks called Joyce's Homemade Cookies. Her cookies are awesome. I believe she also make nut rolls. She has a bunch of immigrant woman working for her - or at least she did. She used so make little nut horn cookies so she may make nut rolls.