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Nov 30, 2007 04:40 AM

Color-themed cooking club -- what to bring?

People are already bringing pumpkin soup, beet salad and other such things -- I'd like to bring something that will suprise people a bit, or at least make them laugh. Any ideas for a creative riff on the color theme? (Note: the dish has to be predominantly one color.)

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  1. I always thought this idea was clever - there used to be a photo on here, don't know what happened to it, but it looks really cute, trust me!:)

    1. How about a vanilla cake with vanilla icing. But the color would be whatever you choose by using food coloring. Totally blue or purple cake?

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        I think ideally the color would actually belong to the food -- like pumpkin soup is orange and beets are purple/red. The palette idea is cute, but it's a buffet, so no individual servings. any other ideas?

      2. How about purple rice? The first time I had it, at a very upscale restaurant, I was VERY surprised. It's simple to make, and really IS purple. It's also known as black rice or forbidden rice. I made a black rice salad this summer, called Purple Passion Salad, that was very simple, and YUMMY, with black beans, forbidden rice, cucumbers, tomatoes in a dijon vinaigrette.


        1. What about more of a rainbow and doing a Cobb idea w/ all the colors of a rainbow?

          Or, you could fill a red pepper w/ roasted red pepper dip and have sundried tomato chips and radishes to dip.

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          1. curried yellow lentils