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Color-themed cooking club -- what to bring?

People are already bringing pumpkin soup, beet salad and other such things -- I'd like to bring something that will suprise people a bit, or at least make them laugh. Any ideas for a creative riff on the color theme? (Note: the dish has to be predominantly one color.)

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  1. I always thought this idea was clever - there used to be a photo on here, don't know what happened to it, but it looks really cute, trust me!:)

    1. How about a vanilla cake with vanilla icing. But the color would be whatever you choose by using food coloring. Totally blue or purple cake?

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        I think ideally the color would actually belong to the food -- like pumpkin soup is orange and beets are purple/red. The palette idea is cute, but it's a buffet, so no individual servings. any other ideas?

      2. How about purple rice? The first time I had it, at a very upscale restaurant, I was VERY surprised. It's simple to make, and really IS purple. It's also known as black rice or forbidden rice. I made a black rice salad this summer, called Purple Passion Salad, that was very simple, and YUMMY, with black beans, forbidden rice, cucumbers, tomatoes in a dijon vinaigrette.


        1. What about more of a rainbow and doing a Cobb idea w/ all the colors of a rainbow?

          Or, you could fill a red pepper w/ roasted red pepper dip and have sundried tomato chips and radishes to dip.

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          1. curried yellow lentils

            1. I like the idea of bringing something with several elements that are the same color (like the roasted peppers filled with red dip and with a side of red chips). I checked the rsvp list, though, and there's a lot of red, orange and yellow going on. Any clever ways to bring a blue or purple dish that's multi-part?

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                Can you do a dessert? that would open up chocolate chocolate chocolate things or berry, plum, grape pies or tarts...

                Or braised red (purple) cabbage and red (purple) onion?

                Or make a wonderful dish you love that uses all organics, locally grown etc but nothing colored green and call it "Green ______ ".

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                  I can do a dessert and would actually love to make a grape pie, but I don't have a recipe...also, will it look purple when it's done cooking?

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                    I have not used this recipe but just wanted to give you a picture to look at.
                    If you decide to do it I'll bet someone here will come through with a great recipe.


              2. Blue corn sticks
                served with a blueberry chutney perhaps. Blue cheese dip with blue cornchips? A pitcher of drinks made with blue curacao.

                1. I'm not sure if this helps, but maybe it will inspire a fruitful train of thought. Many years ago some friends of mine and I had a "black and white" party. We had black and white "nachos" made with blue corn tortilla chips, white cheddar, black olives, sour cream. Black beans and rice. I'm sure I'm not remembering everything, but I think we allowed counted things like chocolate chip ice cream in the spirit of the event, even if it was technically brown. (Everyone wore black and white, and we watched Casablanca, in B&W, natch.)

                  1. I like the idea of a rainbow-- or how about pitahaya (dragon fruit) for PINK -- I mean like fluorescent pink so pink you can't believe it. I love to drink pitahaya shakes when in Latin America. I know someone's already doing red, but this is not red -- it is **pink** To incorporate other shades of pink, maybe something with rose petals or edible flowers? PInk grapefruit? I've been rereading Like Water for Chocolate -- the famous aphrodisiac dish (that would certainly surprise people, right?!) includes both rose petals and dragon fruit/pitahaya. It's Chapter 3 - March, Quail in Rose Petal Sauce. You could bring an excerpt of the book too... depends on how spicy (!) your group is.

                    look at the color:


                    1. How about purple mashed potatoes? Or pureed purple cauliflower (or make a cauliflower flan), although I'm not sure how the cauliflower holds it's color when cooked.

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                        Right, that's a problem with the potatoes too....at a certain point they lose their color. i'd love to make a purple flan though -- maybe I'll make it sweet, and use blueberry syrup and top with some lavender flowers or something? hmmm.

                      2. the other day i was served a spanish black radish. it was literally dark dark purpleish black on the outsdie and the purist white ive ever seen on the inside. stunning.. dont know how common they are, though.

                        it was part of what i've been calling a rainbow sandwich.. awesomely beautiful. here's the list of what was inside

                        Pumpkin, sunflower & sesame seed spread, carrots, black spanish radish, chioggia beets, avocado & arugula on birchwood focaccia