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Nov 30, 2007 03:55 AM

Salvador, Bahia and around

I'm planning to travel down the coast of Brazil from Natal down towards Salvador and onto Porto Seguro, via Morro De Sao Paulo and Trancoso.

Anyone have any suggestions of 'must go' places in any of those places?

Looking primarily for good value, local cuisine. Will be on a fairly tight budget, but as always, always happy to spend money if its worth it!

any advise on things to try as well woudl be appreciated as its my first time in Brazil..


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  1. In Salvador I suggest Paraiso Tropical, the best moqueca (fish stew) I ever had! They use all natural ingredients. It was not expensive when I went a couple of years ago.

    Maria Mata-Mouro at Pelourinho is another good option.

    Trapiche Adelaide is a fancier and more expensive suggestion. It has a beautiful view and beautiful room, but it's expensive (well worth in my opinion!).

    Sorriso da Dada in Pelourinho is the famous place to go for "comida baiana". It is good, but I thought the moqueca in Paraiso Tropical was much better.

    There is also street food: acaraje, abara, tapioca. You can find street carts all over Rio Vermelho.

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      I am in Brazil right now, leaving Morro De Sao Paulo and heading to Rio, and we went to Paraiso Tropical in Salvador . . . . it was fantastic. The location we went to was a little out of the way, but well worth it. Make sure that you get one of the 'Special' moquecas made with cashews and hearts of palm. To say that Paraiso Tropical was much better than sorriso de Dada is (which we tried the night before) is an understatement. As if the meal wasn't enough it comes with a huge basket of fresh fruit for dessert and you are encourage to take what you can not eat.

      It was fantastic.

    2. I second the street food.There are some Baianas selling acaraje,etc. in the the old part of Salvador in the evenings.

      I had the best moqueca de peixe in all my travels to Brasil in Ilheus from a little beach hut.I imagine this is also a possibility in Salvador and any other beach locales you will visit.

      Boa sorte!

      1. You might check this article from the NY Times. Gives some good tips for the areas that you will be visiting.

        1. Definitely go to Sambuca's while you're in Porto Seguro. It's by the ferry that takes you to Arrial d' Ajuda. Also, there's a little stand on the Passarela do Alcool that is right next to Adriana's drinks. The woman at that stand makes the best Tapioca Recheada in South America. I'm going to be working near Porto Seguro til March. Where are you planning on staying?