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Nov 30, 2007 03:41 AM

UWS - Buying a $150 Gift Cert. gift, suggestions?

Hey all, a family friend is my chiropractor and treats me without charge, so obviously I'd like to get him and his wife something nice for the holidays. They live on the UWS and the only thing I know about their eating habits is that they loved Telepan, and they did a lobster-themed Thanksgiving. Any suggestions for a $150 gift certificate on the UWS? Sorry I don't have more info...

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  1. I love Ocean Grille, and $150 will cover a decent amount of food there.

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    1. re: nyebaby37

      If you know they love Telepan, why not Telepan?????

      1. re: idia

        So they can try something new?

    2. I agree with Idia. If you know they love Telepan, why not go the safe route? If they enjoy fine seafood, you might consider giving them a gift certificate to Murray's Sturgeon Shop or Barney Greengrass for some of the best smoked fish and caviar in the neighborhood.

      1. Bar Boulud is scheduled to open at the end of December, it will be right by Lincoln Center. You could check with Daniel/Cafe Boulud is see if gift certs purchased now would be honored there.

          1. Why limit it to the UWS? You might want to consider a gift certificate for the Union Square Hospitality Group, Danny Meyer's restaurants: USC, Gramercy Tavern, EMP, Tabla and Bread Bar, The Modern and the Bar Room, Blue Smoke, and Shake Shack. This way that can have choices.


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              They live and work in the 60s/CPW area and on the weekend they go to their home in Long Island, I just figured it would be convenient for them to have something near their apt, but I will certainly take those into consideration, thanks RGR