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Nov 30, 2007 03:07 AM

Prezza's Bar Tonight

Besides having 2 or 3 uovo raviolo what else is not to miss??

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  1. I had the warm spinach salad with my ravioli last weekend and it was delicious. The polenta is also delicious (but might be a bit much with the ravioli). The crispy shrimp appetizer is also very, very good and with 2 or 3 of the ravioli would make a filling meal.

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    1. re: heathermb

      Thanks for the advice - we will probably limit ourselves to 2 ravioli so we can graze on otherthings.

      1. re: pancettabelly

        The ravioli are definitely big so if you want to try other things, definitely limit yourself on these. My other favorites things are the polenta with meatballs and sausage (as heather mentioned) and the pork chop. Have fun!

    2. I tend to graze on the appetizers and half portions of pasta. In addition to the ones Heather and Lissy mention (I love the polenta too - especially the roasted portabello mushroom app), other favorites of mine are the roasted oysters with mascarpone, wood-grilled squid and octopus over braised white beans, roasted lamb ribs with salsa verde, risotto with wild mushrooms, spicy mussels, the minestrone soup (hmmm...just noticed a new soup on the menu too, pheasant consomme with black truffle...), and any of the pastas - the egg ravioli of course, tagliatelle bolognese with porcini cream, chestnut ravioli with duck, gnocchi with rabbit and mushrooms, or pumpkin ravioli with lobster, brown butter, and sage.

      Now I'm hungry. If I didn't already have reservations at Bistro 5 tonight, I'd be heading to Prezza!

      24 Fleet St., Boston, MA 02113

      1. avoid another pasta. I had the rabbit gnocchi and it underwhelmed after the incredible egg, although I am sure it would have stood out on its own, it was just to much richness. go for cleaner crisp flavours after that egg! happy eating!

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          Cannot go wrong with the mussels or shrimp, and if you ask they will throw an extra shrimp in for 5$ so you can have two apiece. Enjoy!

        2. the soup is always good and keep you warm tonight.

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            Enjoyed an uovo raviolo last night followed by an incredible cumin-dusted, wood roasted (maple) swordfish in a broth with tomato, chickpea and a green root veggie (not bitter.) The texture of the fish was superb, succulent meat that literally melted on the fork and tongue. the raviolo lived up to the billing created by so many CH posts.