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Jun 7, 2006 10:35 PM

Pandan waffle at Pho Nguyen, Milpitas (w/ pics)

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They have good pandan waffle served made to order, hot, and fresh of the waffle maker. $1 for a pandan waffle.
It's good.

Also tried #34 Beef stew w/ rice noodle $6.50, thought it was too temperature hot since it burned the roof of my mouth, beef could have been more tender. Thought it was ok.

Friend got #45 BBQ pork, shrimps w/ vermicelli & salad $6.95 and it looked great. Will try it next time.

We ordered a Mango shake $2.95 and asked if they could split it for us and they did. No ice cream just mango pulp and ice blended. Pretty nice.

They take Credit Card!

Pho Nguyen
275 W. Calaveras Blvd
Milpitas 95035


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    Peter Cherches

    Pandan waffle sounds spectacular. One of my favorite Southeast Asian sweets, from Indonesia & Malaysia, is kuih dadar, a pandan pancake stuffed with coconut & gula Melaka (coconut sugar).

    Are pandan waffles available anywhere else?


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    1. re: Peter Cherches

      I've seen Pandan waffles made fresh at the Grand Century Mall (Vietnamese shopping/restaurant/food court)

      Once you enter the main doors the smell of the pandan waffles hits you and makes you want one! Didn't try it there, but saw them!

      Grand Century Mall
      Address: 1001 Story Rd.(at McLaughlin) San Jose.
      Phone: 408.298.5148.
      Hours: 11am-9:30pm.

      1. re: hhc

        I've had the pandan waffles at Grand Century Mall several times - I don't believe they have any filling in them.

        I've had them at a place in Milpitas that was terrific that did have the coconut filling but I can't remember the name or address... big help, right!

        If ChowFun (Derek)or Yimster reads this, they will probably remember the place (I was with them there). I think it was in a little strip mall near possibly a Lion or Ocean Super Market... I'll try to find it in my files...

        1. re: hhc

          anyone know how to make this wonderful waffle... my sister live in ohio and they don't have it there and she ask me how they make it . so therefor i am asking for your help if anyone know how to make it

      2. There is a little bakery in the Lion Center in San Jose that sells these waffles as well. Here is a link to a pic of the waffle I bought at New Year festivities in Jan.


        1. I hate to sound like such a newbie to pandan waffles, but what is pandan exactly?